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What Are You Listening To? II

Da Brakes

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for your information fan4ever you sound like a 2 yrold and a whore yourself and da brakes and jamesuk as much attention as you seek you have no room to talk lol

what are u trying to do man?? first u go around defending eminem and gunit when no one was saying anything about them now u try to cause some trouble up in here. lol man :nhawong:

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Guest lambertj3

please maybe you haven't been reading the post that have been written recently because when i put down what i was listnening to and said eminem theere was something said about them and me basically dissing me and i noticed when anyone on this board gets dissed they fire right back i am just doing the same

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Guest lambertj3

just curious but why would you say our forum and i am not spaming anything just stating my opion like evryone else and i happened to like the forum although it dosent belong to anyone other than hero 1

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