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NWA Greatest Hits Insert on JJFP!


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Hi JJFP Fans!

I was at my friend yesterday and he has this greatest hits cd from NWA in his CD collection. So I asked him if i could have a look at the booklet.

There's a long text in it, describing the songs and giving some statements from the artists. And there was a part about JJFP related to Parents Just Don't Understand. MC Ren talked about that people like JJFP and Young MC don't know whats really going on and who don't want to say the truth. Maybe some of you have this record...

I was shocked when I read that. I thought that all the rappers back have were in good relation to each other. but they were really "dissing" JJFP for their music style. they say JJFP were doing "safe" rap music and that they are laughing about Parents Just Don't Understand when they hear it.

So Dr. Dre is hating Will (and maybe Jeff) for years... i thought it was all just because of Will's statement at the grammy awards where he was saying that he can sell records without cursing and killing people...

Man I'm so dissapointed about NWA :daedulus:

So my opinion:

Fu.. Tha "Niggaz with Attitude"!

:liar: :scope: :scope: :mikelowry: :mikelowry: :pukeback:

JJFP Keeping It REAL!!!!!

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i hate this rappers so much!!!!!! :bang: ,they don't know about nothing,and will knows what's going on on black society,but he don't want to put it on his tracks.

i don't know why nigazz continue to diss JJFP.but i have a verse for MC REN:

I was in the game before publishing was an issue

Your platinum now, but next year I'm gonna miss you

Mad rappers like bad actors should have no parts

Wanna be mad check the charts

Any of em

Oh don't see my name

You don't see my spot

Heres a hint

Look closer to the top

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Everyone is always gonna have an opinion on everybody else. NWA was doing they thing back then. Will and Jeff been doing they'res. You screaming 'fk NWA' is the same policy in reverse.

So much anger in that first post, I think you need to just step back for a minute and relax.

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i know that Ice Cube and Will are cool, and Cube was in NWA. Dr. Dre is nothing but a "gay thug" haha according to 2pac. They've all been dissed before. Dre is a joke. He dissed Eazy E after hooking up with Suge Knight so none of em know what they're talkin about anyways. BTW, did any of u hear about Will chillin with Suge Knight backstage at the VMA lounge this year??

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How is that possible? I thought Will hung out wit Diddy 2 save him from embrassment (which he did). If Puff and Suge was in the same place. uh oh.

well Suge and Puff's beef isn't as strong as it used to be. U can check MTV.com and their article about the backstage stuff at the VMA's. That's where i read it.

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JJ+FP and NWA were on 2 different sides of Hip-Hop. U can almost expect them 2 knock JJ+FP's style of music. The funny thing his...NWA backed MC Hammer who made crossover-appeal, clean Hip-Hop as well. NWA and MC Hammer toured 2gether and they even made a cameo in the beginning of his "2 Legit 2 Quit" video.

Look at MC Ren's career now...he dosen't have one.

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Thats not fair. When you look back, you'll see that Will is still the person he used to be. He's still representing his opinion back then.

But people can't admit that he's been always right.

I should really sit back and relax a while... :thumb:

JJFP Rocks The House

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