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these forums got deleted..


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I don't know Tim, are you sure prince did it??I don't understand a lot about computers though. yesterday I came to the board like everyday and I couldn't log in with my nick and when I got to log on there weren't post , all were deleted so I asked prince about it because i thought it was a problem that I have only and this is was prince told me: I KNOW :what: TIM THINKS SOMEBODY HACKED IT....

and today he has told me that he doesn't know what to do to make you believe he wasn't:

"sandy before anybody makes you think otherwise i did not bring down the forum like tim says i did..... im going to miss switch and the album now... I really don't know what to do though. ive sent tim an email. i just hope that he'll realise im telling the truth :tear:"

this is what he has told me.. I don't know :dunno: ....I want to trust in him. He seems sad about all this...do you think if he has something to do with it he would tell me that?I really want to trust in him..I don't wanna think he's making laugh of me right now so I hope he's tellin me the truth and for the moment I trust in him. It's a difficult thing 'coz he tells me it wasn't him and you tell me he was and I apreciate everybody of this forum.... I hope this to end up well!!

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Guest Enemy of the State

I'm sorry it came to this guys. Seriously, I am only Prince and Enemy of the State. I haven't hacked the forum. I don't know how. This is the email I sent to Tim...



Firstly, please don't ignore this. I am allowed to tell you my side

of events. Please don't just draw conclusions on me. I am not going

to make excuses for myself, I am only interested in telling you the

truth. I heard from somebody else that you have decided that I must

have been Daedalus all along, well I can explain why it may look like

that. Read on.

Yesterday when I signed on line, I looked around the board for a

little bit, then signed into MSN Messenger. Daedalus was online. He

began talking to me. He talked of how he had registered this new

username, "Dai the Luss". He had attempted to post under it, but his

IP shielding program wasn't very good. For some reason (I have no

idea why now), after about 5minutes he managed to persuade me that it

would be a good idea if I posted under it. He gave me the password,

and gave me a message or two to pass over (some thing about the city

of Jordan, and somebody in Paris' house flooding I think).

Anyway, I began posting under this name, when I got banned for no

apparent reason. I admit I registered a total of 5 other usernames

(Dae the Luss, Damocles, oldfriend, and some others I cannot

remember), and posted under those too. Now, my only topic that I

posted which may be slightly controversial was the "femaless" one,

even though I did not directly say anything in that thread. Now, I

never said at all that I was Daedalus. People drew conclusions, so I

was not impersonating him in any way.

Soon though, all my usernames were banned (usually only after one or

two posts). I logged off for a while so that I could go and study

Geography (glaciation to be precise. Eskers, Corries and Terminal


I logged in under Prince perhaps half an hour or an hour after I

logged out from the board previously. I noticed that many people had

replied with messages such as "we know it's you Daedalus", "Give it up

Daedalus", etc etc. I found this amusing, which is why under Prince I

posted messages saying "lol", this is where you thought I was

encouraging him which of course I wasn't.

You signed into either AIM or MSN Messenger not long after that, and

you started a conversation with me. I even recall I offered to help

you clean the board up (even though I did not say whether it was

Daedalus or myself that posted the messages, something which I now

regret). Anyway, I remember looking in the "last click" list. You

were looking in "femaless" I think (logged in under Hero1). Next

thing I knew, you were telling me you couldn't log in (I couldn't

understand this). Suddenly a second or two later came the message

"Prince, everything has gone" or something along those lines. I was

as shocked as you were. We were discussing it, when you suddenly

stopped being friendly to me and just said "Prince, don't talk to me


I went off for 3 or 4 hours to study, and when I returned I had been

banned. Now, while I agree you can keep my ban for somewhat spamming

the board, but I strongly do not agree with you saying that I brought

down the board. Tim, I'm (age censored). How would I know how to? I know how

much work goes into websites, so doing that to your forum wouldn't

even be something I would even remotely consider doing. While I

accept that evidence is weighed against me with the IP's of those

posters pointing towards me, this does not mean that I took down your

forum and changed your password.

This is getting quite depressing for me. I don't know what Daedalus

may or may not have done to your forum, or anybody else for that

matter. I would be happy to discuss this further with you, before you

make further actions. I hope you catch the criminals that did this,

but Tim; I am not a criminal.




Tim, I emailed you asking to see your "evidence". You have not replied as you were not interested. By law, you are obliged to let me view any information concerning me that you hold on your database. You ignored me, so technically you are now doing something illegal.

:sad6: :sad6: :sad6:

3cookies, that conversation between me and you was a private matter. I knew you would share it with Tim though. Anyway, I have not done anything to this forum. Why would I want to? This is just all very depressing

:sad6: :sad6: :sad6:

I hope this can be resolved, but accept that you will never welcome me back again. Tim, again. I request that I can view the "evidence" you speak about. You can email it to me. Thanks.

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"after about 5minutes he managed to persuade me that it

would be a good idea if I posted under it. He gave me the password,

and gave me a message or two to pass over (some thing about the city

of Jordan, and somebody in Paris' house flooding I think)." - PRince

Thing is Prince, U shouldn't have listened 2 him. OK, the way I understand it, Prince was NOT Daedulus, but he was the other Daedulus pronounced names. Why he did, only Prince knows that.

Being 15 is no excuse 4 not wanting to or knowing how to mess up forums.

If the case is that Prince logged in under many names, and we thought it was Daedulus (but it was actually Prince). And now everyone believes he was also Daedulus Mortality himself. But he wasn't????? Then he should not be banned 4 the matter of the board. But 4 the numerous names and trashing the forum.

Plain and Simple, U should not have done it Prince. (whatever it is that U actually did) U told me U wanted 2 be banned since 2002. And had been trying. U don't need 2 try. I could ban myself right now, if I wanted 2. But then I told U something, that made U change your mind. And before U know it, U R gone from this forum.

And ya surprised at me??? I (u had no reason 2 leave that msg and then up and sign out.) Don't try that mess wit me, becuz I don't deserve it. If I did, I would rush 2 apologize. I've done nothing wrong.

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3cookies, that conversation between me and you was a private matter. I knew you would share it with Tim though.

Most certainly, the conversation was between us prince, but you gotta understand that I have played a HUGE part of this community for a number of years now....I have to do what I felt was right,...which was to share with Tim this in particular what you said:

ironcross1O8O: ill tell you everything i did on the forum today

SweetNsoFlyy: sure thing

ironcross1O8O: i dont want to lie to you

SweetNsoFlyy: ok.

ironcross1O8O: all those "Dae the Luss" "Damocles" "oldfriend"

ironcross1O8O: they were me

Just reflecting on that alone...let's be honest here now...(and what I'm speaking of, has absolutely nothing to do with the board being hacked and completely deleted, thats another sad story)...but as a Moderator,...why would you even do something like that, Prince? Register multiple user names, spam the board up with meaningless posts, putting Timbo to work like that cleaning it up? That alone is not something I would think any of our incredible moderators, (or a regular board member) would do, weather or not you were involved with Hax having to step in to reconcile the board to its normal state. now THATS devistating... Since Hax had to step in...that says alot in itself...

As far as your priveledge of being able to post still, thats completely up to Timbo,...because I thought u were banned....but as a moderator, no offense to you as the 'brother' I've known for a couple of years..but I personally think that your recent behaviour on the board has been becoming more and more 'noticeably' rude or disruptive, and I even had to cuss you out in a private message...for coming at me sideways, because you know I don't play that. Everybody saw how you always took sides with Daedelus,...or making 'questionable' statements on the board as if you are trying to stir up unnecesary chaos before the board was hacked,...what else is one to think asides you not partaking in the downfall of the board? Just by reflecting on the way you have conducted yourself most recently, and how everything transpired almost in a sequential order,...I would most definately have to agree that Tim is correct in his ideas of you having something to do with it ... and I support him 100% ...

Registering with those multiple usernames, was very immature, childish and not upholding your position as moderator, and yes...i personally spoke to Tim about revoking your positon as moderator. It may not be known to many, but I am more or less one of the HEAD moderators...along with AJ, Jim, and Topdawg... Prince, I still have love for you, but we've got to run the board in the most efficient manner as we can, with appointed non~biased moderators that don't abuse their authority and position... and registering multiple usernames the way you did, was not only uncalled for, but showing a lack of respect for your position and the JJFP Administrative team, who had to spend long HOURS of their personal tyme cleaning everything up...



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yeah i wanna know the same thing, im confused by who Deadalus was but i guess there is no way to find out for sure. i dunno about u guys but i feel quite betrayed by all this.

The thing is tho, we cant risk losing this forum, imagine if it went down and Tim and Hax couldnt get it back up. I would rather lose one member than risk losing it all.

Well its like Will said the sun will come out after the rain, and i hope the forum will be a better place now.

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how dya know whats true? how dya know what ppl say is true...thing is we dont and i think we kinda got taken into a false sense of security. i suppose we all do this when talking online but we just dont realise it until something like this happens. the only person i know for defo is julie lol...and im even suspicious of her :kekeke:

what u gotta make sure is that u back up the forum alot. on kq neil backs up the forum really often just incase, coz our server was dodgy and now if anything happens we only lose a few posts!

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  • Admin

I don't get the logic of people having more than one username...do you not realize that usernames can be cross matched to IP's in less than a minute to see who's who? Only time I see where signing up under a second name is for humor with other members with good intentions, but when it starts getting childish like this what was the point to begin with?

On the flipside every move anyone on the site makes is recorded in the web server logs, if I really wanted to take the time to go look I could tell you everything Tim clicked, uploaded, downloaded, etc on this site today. This also includes bored people who like to delete things...

And yes this site is backed up daily, once I got the info from Tim about what happened it took me less than 20 mins to restore the entire site, files, and databases...and that includes about 10 mins of typing in commands wrong on the server while I was still half asleep. :laugh2:

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  • Admin

On the flipside every move anyone on the site makes is recorded in the web server logs, if I really wanted to take the time to go look I could tell you everything Tim clicked, uploaded, downloaded, etc on this site today. This also includes bored people who like to delete things...

oh look heres the log of me posting that message :kekeke:

66.XXX.XXX.XXX- - [18/Oct/2004:03:47:13 -0500]"POST /forum/index.php? HTTP/1.1" 302 5 "http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1706&st=50" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"

66.XXX.XXX.XXX- - [18/Oct/2004:03:47:13 -0500] "GET /forum/index.php?showtopic=1706&st=50&#entry23600 HTTP/1.1" 200 10045 "http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1706&st=50" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"

Play nice everyone, Tim works hard on this site, don't annoy him with BS

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