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Will Smith Joins Wife in Not Attending the Oscars


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will shouldn't worry so much about a damn oscar, there's so many good actors that never won one so f the oscars, everybody knows that he's a better actor than chris rock and jamie foxx too btw they're just jealous of his career

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To be honest I expected it to be worse than that. I'm just glad the oscars is over and they will shut up about it. I think it has hurt Will's career, most people don't agree with him and Jada. Let's just hope they make some kind of change to the oscars so at least Will and Jada can say they at least achieved something out of this mess. 


But yeah im not gonna watch this years oscars, looked crap haha.

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Watched it this morning. There were a hell of a lot of skits and jokes about black actors and the racism scandal. Some funny, some a little forced. But it was abit overkill come the end. There was a pre-taped skit that was a dig at Will. But i won't go into it.

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Wow Chris utterly and totally destroyed Will more than Jada. That was brutal. And the sad part is Chris told the truth very bluntly like he always does with his signature comedy. 


Jada really F'd things up for Will even more. Will used to be THE man in hollywood.  Now... As a fan it hurts but at the same time you know it was coming and they brought it on themselves. Aside of his kids, wife etc he keeps starring in mediocre stuff working with mediocre writers and directors picking money and control over art and quality how do you expect to win at the oscars ? How the F do you turn down Q f Tarantino then complain about not getting nominated for a mediocre movie not worth a nomination. Yes i'm still bitter about Will turning down Django. Not only would he have won the oscar but he would've put himself at the top. 

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The show shoud have started with the president of the Academy telling the crowd what she did later in the show. It was enough. The Oscars should continue with the usual glitz and glamour because that's all people want from it. I'm sorry but nobody wants to hear some slave hanging, asian children (whatever hell that was), cookies selling, Suge Knight, Stacy Dash jokes at the Acadamy Awards and I don't think anyone in a non-english speaking country understood a thing from the monologue. I guess Chris tried to tapdance about the diversity issue at stake and please everyone. To me it didn't work but that's just me. Noone will be talking about it next week and Will and Jada should be just fine. I know for a fact it was the last time I waited 3,5 hours in the middle of the night to watch a private jet flying movie star wining an Oscar and lecturing me about a climate change.

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That Chris Rock and a couple of other comedians and what not makes fun of Will, "destroys him" and believes that he make the wrong decision and that some kind of "reputation" will suffer - all of this might be true.

But if you are going to adapt your beliefs and decisions based on what others think you'll find yourself in a hole far worse than a suffered reputation and the cost of being laughed at.

If he believes in what he says then he wont be affected by some well-paid comedian making well-paid jokes about it.

It sure is pure bandwagonism to feel that Will should have attended the Oscar's because other prominent people thinks he should have. Yeah I know the world works like this: if a celebrity says something, then everyone wants to do or buy what the celeb says, and to not follow this pattern might seem unreasonable to a lot of people. But you know that's what creative and independent people do: they're basically saying "Im not taking decisions based on what jokes comedians might tell".

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