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Hey, you guys. This is JRA speaking and I just thought of something that could be interesting. We all love JJFP albums right? So I was thinking that wouldn't you want to see all these great albums remastered. Remember when the Platinum & Gold Collection came out. How cool it was to hear each song remastered. Well imagine how cool it would be to get entire albums remastered. Here is how I thought we went about getting it done. We should all write and send letters to Jive Records requesting these albums re-released remastered. Once they see how many people actually want this done, it might just happen. So I beg you to please join me and do this as soon as posible. If you don't know the Jive Records address. It is:

137-139 WEST 25th STREET
NEW YORK, NY 10001

You could also title it: ZOMBA RECORDING CORPORATION
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That's not a bad idea...i waz always hoping we'd see a remastered box set. I'll definitly send a request if everyone else agrees 2 do it as well. It's also a great oppertunity 2 request a Greatest Hits DVD featuring the stuff the VHS never did.
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If the next album is a big hit, it could happen. Think about it, Jive probably would have never dropped the JJ+FP Greatest Hits album if Big Willie Style hadn't done so well. If the next album is huge and they recieve a few of those letters, it could happen. Shortly after BWS came out, Jive pumped out alot of the old JJ+FP albums 4 the new skool fans and they were in alot of stores.
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We've got to make this album a success if we want more. FP just needs to get signed to some big label soon.


JJFP Greatest Hits - thanks to BWS
Before the Willenium - thanks to Wild Wild West and Willenium
Platinum & Gold Collection - part of BMG's herritage collection

I'd love to have all the albums remastered. Its a pain to listen to an album like Homebase in your CD player walking to school on the max volume and it can still sound so low. The same is beginning to happen to Code Red. You know an album needs to be remastered when "Somethin Like Dis" - one of JJFP's loudest tracks is sounding low to you on max volume.
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Put yourself in the Record Companies shoes, how many Cd's are they gonna need to sell in order to break even or make a profit? No idea, but I'd guess well over twenty thousand. They're gonna want to see thousands of letters before they even consider this, aren't they?

Jedi2002jaime - Your english is easily good enough to write a letter, might cost you some more in postage though!
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I doubt we'll ever see older entire albums remastered. Even if Will sells big, there just won't be enough want to warrant a record company to do it. We got Platinum & gold, mixed with newer songs to give it such a wider market.

How did Before The Willenium sell ? Either way it was made up of the most known of the JJ+FP tracks.

As much as I'd love to see and hear them all remastered professionally, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Devils : Rip the album and higher the volume up yourself. I had to do it when I bought the old 2pacalypse now on CD.
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