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Will Smith and Kanye West track

Big Ben

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I have a feelin' FP has been taking the Justin Timberlake approach to music. He's quietly working and all of a sudden we are going 2 get a single with an album to come a couple months later.

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Here's an information-lacking article about them staying in the same hotel in Brazil. There's pix of them on the balcony. This is where FP got that video that he posted on his FB a couple of days ago.


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As I remember, Kanye produced a track for Lost + Found. However, I find it hard to believe that that happened and it didn't make the album since using Kanye's name would have been a selling point...especially in 2005 before he delivery got awful and his beats got inconsistent. I'm less excited to hear a latin flavored song but I'm game for any new music.

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