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ive seen sharktale!


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I just came back from seeing Shark Tale and I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed with it!  I thought it was unfunny and generally didn't enjoy it at all!  I found Shrek and ESPECIALLY Finding Nemo ALOT better!  I think it tried to hard and just didn't work.  I hardly laughed at all.  I thought the funniest part of the movie was with the shrimp and the shark.  Other than that I thought it was pretty poor.

Oh well!  I got the new album to look forward to!!

How have u seen it!!!!!! :scared2: Its not out until friday, did u see special previews. I hope u realise i hate u now :daedulus: ..... just kiddin, luv ya really.

I'm sure it was out from last Fri! I saw it in Hatfield! Dont think it was a special preview!! :rbw: :nana:

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i have to wait until sunday bcoz i have to wait until kimmie is free, im not going to see an animated film by myself.

Its gonna be a nice break from revision tho.

Snap!! I should be going Sunday aswell

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I've finally seen it!! And it's dope!! The theater was full, but me and my girl went early so we had a good seat! My girl thought that it was the funniest movie she ever saw..and it is funny!! The audience was all over it! I think not a single person in the theater could say something bad about it! I love it!!

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yey i finally saw it 2day, it was hilarious! I loved crazy joe (the crab) and that little shrimp. It wasnt as funny as shrek but it came close, i liked the way the soundtrack was played throughout the film too. the cinema was quite full even tho the cinema i went to is going out of business and is usually dead.

After the film i had fish 4 tea and kimmie made me feel bad by saying "your a bad person", i just kept thinking about the poor fishes family lol.

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