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False rumours of Will Smith & Jada Divorce


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Its hard to imagine Will as a party kinda guy

:pound: Yeah cause hardly any of his songs were about partying

Oh yeah i forgot he often saves the world from aliens too.

No i mean, hes not like Lindsay Lohan falling out of clubs at 5am, im sure he goes to a million after parties etc. He just always says he would work on his marriage whatever, its just hard to see him storming off and going out, he wants to be the best husband ever. Im not judging him for it if its true, it must be a really rough time, not gonna lie ive had tough times and decided a night out is what i need to fix it.

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From TMZ:

Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith have bounced back from the separation rumors that plagued them earlier this year ... and TMZ has learned it was differing opinions on how to manage their superstar kids that caused the original strife.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ they are doing "wonderful" now -- but earlier this year, sources tell TMZ there was tension between the two over how best to manage the careers of Jaden and Willow.

We're told each had their own ideas for how things should be handled -- with Will pushing more for full-blown stardom and Jada leaning towards easing them in to things.

But our sources say that bad patch -- which included rumors Jada had an affair with Marc Anthony -- is now past them and things are back to normal.

Will's rep had no comment.

If anyone has seen the Karate Kid DVD extras its pretty obvious Will & Jada are arguing quite a bit about what Jaden should be doing.. I'm on Jada's side on this one too.. Let a kid be a kid without pushing him soo hard..
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See that story makes more sence (i know its still not from a reliable source) but they argued about something which is normal for a marriage and then they worked thru it just like they said they would. Divorce wasnt an option. But i agree im with Jada too, i wonder who won the fight lol.

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