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searching for some stuff...


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dunno if this is the right forum but i guess it is because of the forums title :)

well, here in sweden we dont have a lot of JJFP-music and i cant find:
- nightmare on my street
- parents just dont understand
- girls ain't nothin' but trouble

so i just wanna know if you know how to get the songs here on internet?
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hej hej

I'm from sweden 2, but I guess the other guys don't like it if I write in swedish..

check out www.skivhugget.se they got a new import section with everything from the US. skivhugget is a store here in gothenburg, 3 floors full of CDs, biggest music store in the city.

the girls song is on the Rock the house album. you can find Nightmare & Parents at the He's the DJ album..

I think the price is about 259 kr each (something like 35$)
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I think hmv.co.uk used to have it
also try london music shops

i got my copy from one of these two can't remember which
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I got mine in a HMV store in London back in 99, i think i remember AJ or Tim saying they got re-pressed around that time after the Greatest Hits came out. So thats probably why i was lucky enough to find them
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