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More details!

Will Smith always laughs at his own jokes

Will Smith and Josh Brolin popped into the Yahoo! UK offices to have a chat with our Movies Editor and, more importantly, meet a room full of massive 'Men In Black 3' fans.

It's chat O'clock below...

During our event, the duo also spilled the beans on several extremely important topics, such as:

- Is it EVER okay to wear sunglasses indoors? "Not unless you're a certain movie star," said Will Smith.

- What Josh Brolin would like to do with George Bush...

- Whether Tommy Lee Jones approved of Brolin playing him as a younger man.

- What a REAL alien looks like.

- And whether Will Smith is SO funny that he actually laughs at his own jokes.

Umm, turns out he really does. "I find myself hilarious!" he chortled. "Sometimes I watch my movies and go 'yo, that dude is funny!'".

We don't think he was joking…



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Im really looking forward to the Graham Norton show, its anything but boring. I'll get that on tape too incase for you guys.

This sounds really lame but i didnt realise how much i missed Will until hes out and about again. Ive really enjoyed going thru this thread, thanx Ale for finding all this stuff!

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You're welcome! :)

Will Smith Spied Prudish Prince Charles' Romp-Dodging Ploy

Will Smith was left stunned at the London premiere of his boxing biopic Ali when he noticed a royal aide helping Charles, Prince Of Wales avoid watching the film's pivotal sex scene.

Smith romped with his real-life wife Jada Pinkett Smith onscreen in the 2001 picture, which charted the life of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and Britain's heir to the throne was among the audience at its London unveiling.

But the royal didn't seem too keen to watch the Smiths get it on at the premiere, and the Hollywood star has revealed the prince had a pre-arranged ploy to avert his eyes when the saucy scene was played out.

Smith tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "It was really cool, I sat next to Prince Charles at the premiere of Ali and someone taps his shoulder before the love scene comes up and he looked down the whole time and when it came to an end someone tapped him again and he looked up. He missed my best work!"



From Will's Facebook:

Hello London!


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From Will's Facebook:

Young Geniuses


"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the Universe around him and calls the adventure Science.”
--Edwin Powell Hubble

Shout-out to the Young Geniuses I spent the day with at the London Science Museum for the Youth Inspired Challenge. Y’all keep learning, exploring, and looking for ways to make this world better!


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