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My summer plans


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Hey all, So after being convinced by a friend and being at a point in my life where i'm in a situation to do this i'm embarking on a foolish yet epic trip of a lifetime this summer

I am cycling acorss the USA over 45 days. 3500+ miles from Seattle to Boston. I fly out to Seattle from London on July 5th and we need to be in Boston for our flight back on August 21st. Camping the whole way. Gonna take my video camera along with me to document the journey

Its gonna take a lot of mental and physical preparation on my part to be able to handle this as i'm not really a cyclist and only in the last couple of months bought a decent bike and started riding again.

I'll be doing the trip for charity but yet to decided on a suitable one yet.

Anyway just thought i'd let you guys know what i'm upto and i'll appreciate any encoraging words.

I'll leave you with a photo to make you giggle of me in my cool new cyclist look :wave2:


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Let me know man..and on a serious note...Depending on how many people are in your group, I could let ya crash at my place if you are routing through my area. Get ya grub and some rest. I live right on I80, near the Mississippi river.

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I'll have a puncture repair kit with me, and we'll be hitting different small towns on most days so i'm sure they'll be bike shops who can help me out.

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