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i am new here.....


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.... but my love affair with hip hop is very old indeed and much of the ignition of the flame started with he's the dj i'm the rapper, when i was a kid i was into hip hop and break dancing but lost touch, when i heard parent's just don't understand, it changed much of my musical path in my life. i was very happy to see this site existed and glad to see i am not the only one who still remembers the greatness of that era. although i have not been too interested in will's solo music, nothing can ever touch the reverie in which i holdthe stuff with jazzy jeff, and i have always been a fan of his acting. keep fighting the good fight-trex

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Welcome 2 the board!! This is definitly the place 2 talk with other old skool Hip-Hop fans and Hip-Hop fans who have a high standard of what good music is. Maybe u can let us introduce 2 the best of FP's newer material...don't let Hollywood fool ya.
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Welcome!...its great 2 see another true oldsKooL JJFP fan join us. yaaah! :clap: :clap: hahaha. We're glad to have u with us... make urself comfy, and at home...

You have definately come 2 the right spot 4 updated music info, etc, etc...and make sure u chek out the older posts on the board,...u may be surpriised with the info u find... :thumb:

3cookies [/color][/font]
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[quote=trexican,Sep 11 2004, 11:54 PM]i certainly would be open to the introduction to will music you think i may have over looked and will readily admit that all i have heard is the commercial stuff. -trex[/quote]
Yeah, we'll skool u on what u've been missing. We'll take care of ya.
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