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  1. BBIII, gotta be great :) finally ;)
  2. Just made a quick wpp to put on my MWDesigns facebook page to advert for the cause ;) click to enlarge ...
  3. You're doing a great job so far, nice work man ... Shouldn't there be wallpapers bout the cause ;) pahaha, jokessss Errrm, why don't we start a new youtube account just for the cause (one like The Smith Family Fan Site) ... And try to edit all vids posted on there by just putting a lil' advert at the end of the vid? Yea, it's gonna be big, hope it's gonna work too, i believe in it! cheerz man!!
  4. I've posted the link on ThisIs50.com ... I'm not sure it's gonna bring much people to the cause but every little help counts i guess... There's always gonna be someone out there on that forum who thinks "hell yea!" ;) http://thisis50.com/forum/topics/facebook-cause-will-smith
  5. Good point there ... 173 members, it's going pretty well ...
  6. Haha, thx for sharing that ale ... Glad to be here too ;) ... Well now you're talking ... while i'm here, i'd like to ask you to join the MWDesigns Fan page on facebook ... I need some fans on there ^^ Over 100 members in the cause (Y)
  7. Tell Me Why ... Great message in that song, gotta luv it ...
  8. Wow, haven't been on her in ages ... Shame, i know ... Looks better then the WS.com forum ^^ Well, thanks for sharing, i joined the cause ... time to invite some people now ... We want the Fresh Prince back!
  9. I'm on the willsmith.com message board and there i read he was sure coming to the UK. while he was promoting IAL, he said he would go there back in his promoting tour for Hancock. He also said that there would be a not-announced show. They would just go to a place and do their thing. That would be pretty cool! Anyway, it's good news they will be back with their music. No new stuff, but i don't bother, i love the old stuff. I hope he comes to belgium, he has never been here, but Jeff did come here last year. Maybe that's something to get my hope on :)
  10. Mike Lowery: [singing] Bad boys, bad boys what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when we come for you? [Marcus starts ad-libbing the first verse] Mike Lowery: Dude, you gotta learn the words. Marcus Burnett: We usually only do the chorus.
  11. BAD BOYS 3, that would be sooooo cool. I like the story behind the second one very much. It is a fantastic film, and now, Will Smith is getting better and better, so the film will be better. HOPE THIS IS TRUE, would like to see BB3
  12. NO, NO, NO A MIIIB would just be the same as the first 2. They were very excacly the same, don't ya think so?!?
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