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Web sites you usually visit?


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Hey people!

Its been a while since the last time I made a topic. This time I was looking through my bookmarks of favorite pages, at least the ones that I visit regularly, besides jjfp and the forum, and I said to myself it would be nice to know what pages do people in here usually visit when they are online. Me for example like to go to:

www.askmen.com (a mens online magazine, they have all sorts of interesting topics there)

http://sports.yahoo.com/ (this is where I play fantasy sports and get my daily sports news)

www.facebook.com (I mean, who doesnt?)

www.surfthechannel.com (to watch old sitcoms online)

www.rap.about.com (for my hip hop news)

well, at least these ones I go to them almost everyday...


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www.facebook.com (I mean, who doesnt?)


http://www.football365.fr/ (and the football forum on this web site)





http://www.laposte.net/ (for my emails)

http://www.google.fr/ (my welcome page :))

http://www.youtube.com/ (check the commentary)

http://jazzyjefffreshprince.skyrock.com/ (to put some new articles, and check the commentary)


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My daily:

facebook.com (ya know what it is)

jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum (same as above)

youtube.com (lookin for random funny clips)

dosisdiarias.com (some funny comics)

myspace.com/souldierperu (to check on my music page)

ulima.edu.pe (my school stuff)

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http://www.andycarrington.co.uk (Poetry, Short Stories, Film and Music Reviews, & More -- My Website, after all ;) )

http://z6.invisionfree.com/The_Frog (Forum concerning music, art, politics, films, video games, etc.)

http://www.alienexperienc.com (Everything Alien and Predator)

http://www.totaljobs.com (I need a ****in' job, dammit!)

http://www.filmcritic.com (One of my favourite film critique sites)

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I don't do 2 much online...

www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com (u may have heard of it)

www.aol.com (my internet automatically opens up 2 this)







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www.facebook.com im addicted to this one

www.youtube.com pretty much addicted to this too

www.mjfanclub.net i joined this back in March when i was mega excited after getting MJ tickets.

www.heatworld.com my fave magazines website

and the good old www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com

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I Go to quit a few but here's my favs

www. facebook.com (i'm hooked to lol!)

www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com (i seem to come here alot)

www.wwe.com (i gotta keep up on their live events so i'll be ready to get my tickets had a blast at RAW in atlanta)

www.amazon.com (they have some great deals on music and tv shows sometimes)

www.tvshowsondvd.com (holding on to hope to see FPOBA S5 on the coming soon list)



www.tmnt25.com (the turtles 25anniversary site cant't wait for the new movie 2011!!)

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This is my favorite site to go to of course:


I get the internet through Verizon so this is my homepage:


This is where I get my sports fix:


This is where I get my hip hop fix:


I enjoy watching all kinds of videos here:


This is where I go when I go to research many different things in life:


This is where I do fantasy sports and all that fun stuff:


I got an alternate email here besides the verizon one:


This is where I get my hoops fix:


This where I follow my favorite NFL team:


This is where I like buying CDs:


I fill out surveys from TV shows/movies I watch and get prizes:


EDIT: And of course I can't forget about the website of my 2nd favorite hip hop group of all time:


I got the google toolbar to do searches

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All the sites that keep me away from JJFP.com

Survey sites via my email (too many to list, and rewardtv like bigted)

http://www.wwe.com (love my wrestling)

http://www.wrestling-edge (get all the updates on worthwhile news, but i stay away from the spoilers now)


http://www.myspace.com (not as often as facebook though)

http://www.espn.com (Streak for the Cash and other fantasy sports. Mainly football & basketball)

http://www.goodsearch.com (Got a huge list of charities, celeb ones, organizations, schools, and more. I go so often to help donate to my school. The charity you choose gets one cent everytime you search. hopefully)

http://www.swagbucks.com (my home page, i search here also to enough to redeem stuff like giftcards. I already used the WWE one to get a couple shirts)

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I like to go to WWE too, I love wrestling even though it aint the same since the Rock left...

Yeah it ain't been the same since The Rock left.. i'm a John Cena fan and all but i really wish The Rock had stayed a little longer

I'm a Huge Triple H fan him and HBK need to get DX back together and take on legacy!

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