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Web sites you usually visit?


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My internet pages:


www.facebook.com (I'm addicted too ;-))




http://www.publispain.com/foros/ ( I get the latest news from artists I like in these fan forums)


http://es.beruby.com/promocode/ucvXuu ( I get paid using it)


http://www.ucm.es/ ( my university site)

www.tuenti.com (just because some friends don't wanna get a facebook account lol)

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Facebook / Twitter etc

www.screwattack.com and awesome site that looks at the world of video games in a more comedic sense

www.wwe.com you boys part of the WWE Universe? look me up under Kevtastic

www.teamtalk.com Good ol' football news

www.thrice.net for my band news needs

www.spurs.co.uk my team

www.wikipedia.org i find i like to educate myself just from sitting on here every now and then

www.talentcircle.com site where i network with other filmmakers

and of course this site :)

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Facebook (Hopelessly addicted)

JazzyJeffFresPrince Forum (This Forum)

Generation Z (Old school Mighty Morphin - In Space Power Ranger Forum)

ESPN (Have to keep up to date on my sports teams)

WWE (Have to keep up to date on wrestling, besides they have Divas. :P)

Huskers (To see updates on my favorite college football team. Can't wait until kickoff!)

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Well, I am visiting these pages more and more lately cause I find them pretty interesting

http://www.rapbasement.com/ For my rap news

http://www.briankim.net/archives/ for my selfmotivation articles (read the one about how to have a great day, it is fantastic)

http://www.hi5.com Because in Dominican Republic people use this more than facebook

http://videos.onsmash.com/ Here I watch all the new rap videos

http://www.sports.yahoo.com/ This is where I check on my 4 fantasy teams, and the sport news. The blogs are pretty good

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