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Will Smith's new sci-fi gets the go ahead
24 March 2004
Will Smith is one actor who has done pretty well from the science fiction genre. Hitting the big time with Independence Day and following swiftly with Men in Black, Smith made his mark in Hollywood standing on alien corpses and he'll continue to do sci-fi proud with his upcoming I, Robot and long-in-development project, The Mark, which has just been given the greenlight.

Rolling around the development phase since 1998, the film has now been adapted by Reign of Fire scribes Gregg Chabot and Kevin Peterka. The film will see Smith as an average chap who inherits a strange mark, passed to his body from that of a dead confederate soldier. Fulfilling every teenage boy's fantasy, the mark bestows upon the wearer an array of special powers. But, as with all such things, there is a price and Smith must suppress the urge to use his powers for evil.

The action won't end there, however, as the film is destined to be a starting point for an animated TV series featuring the superhuman character.
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Will has said in interviews that he likes 2 play positive roles (good guys)....so if he is the bad guy in this movie, i'm sure the character will be very interesting if this movie every happens.
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