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[quote=willjadafan,Sep 15 2004, 03:57 AM]Will's currently in South africa with Jada and their kids, he confirmed the album comes out in January and that there's a song with Mary J, also with Ludacris, and that he sent a CD to Justin Timberlake, so there may be a collaboration.[/quote]
when did he confirm the Ludacris collaboration?
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i really hope he didn't work with Justin...i can't stand him...that's gonne sound so pop..like that nelly $***! I don't mind Luda on the album though...that would be dope, cuss i like some song he did! I think i'm gonna send this rumor to allhiphop.com..you know get the word out..even if it's not true, we will have people thinking about the new album..!! thanx 4 the news/rumor!
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yo fan4eva, JT, aint that bad as an artist, i like his song "like i love you" with clipse n "cry me a river" but i would prefer usher doing a song with will instead of JT but JT n will doing a song together will get will much more fans than he already has, and much more respect than he already has, will working with different superstars is always a bonus 4 us fans cause truthfully, all the years of people hatin will smith will be over, cause if will does a song with all these dope artists on one album, the albums gonna be off the chain, imma be suprised if will does more than 1 song on his own, i havent heard a song like that since willenuim since TRA-NOX did B2R with him, I CANT WAIT TILL SWITCH
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Will has the ability to get around cursing quite well. Featuring artists on Willenium dodged it quite well, and as for Brand New Fun well that was very clever

"And all of s udeen, he brought in a cut, and i dorpped my microphone and set what the ........ Hold Up Jeff wait a minute play it.

We all know what any other rapper would have said in them ...... dots.

Very clever if you ask me, and almost teasing :roll:
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During interviews that he did during the release of Willennium, he said he'd only collaborate with artists who were intellegent enuff 2 participate on his album without cussing. FP has high standards 4 his music. A few of his collaborations have artists that simply aren't on his level, he's not gonna let them trash his album up 2 bad.
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