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Which would you rather have

Would you rather have a final album with no tour or would you rather have a farewell world tour with JJFP and no new album?  

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  1. 1. New album or Tour?

    • Final album with no world tour
    • Farewell word tour and no album

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Final album no doubt! Pure JJFP! I guess I'm swayed coz I've seen will and Jeff live! From seeing Jeff spin and hearing all the music he's put out of late, I would love to see him and Will get together to do one last album! Just JJFP! Like how Jeff laid it down for Will all those months ago!

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yeh i've gone for a tour. An album would be great but i have tons of great Will and JJFP tracks at my disposal already to last me a lifetime. But never seeing them live will be something that bugs me for a lifetime too.

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It's hard for me to choose because to tell the truth i want both.. i've never seen them live and of course i want one last JJFP album if they would do 1 last album and went on a world tour. (and maybe release a live DVD/CD) of the tour that would be a great way for Will to leave the game.

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Well as I've been saying, usually Will puts out something every 3-4 years at the most, if he doesn't release something within the next year or so I don't see him doing it anymore, it's not looking too good at this point, I was optimistic for a while after "Lost and Found" but that's not the case right now, but being frustrated with the way things are on the music scene myself I can't blame him at this point for not doing anything, and to answer the question I want another album 'cause there's a lot of great things that could happen when an album comes out

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