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My favorite Will verse is this one "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" how can this be considered average?
My rhymes have been written not to be bitten
But as it seems, some suckers keep forgetting the rules about rappin, but that's alright
Cause in the next five minutes I'm a have them all uptight
Stronger than a dinosaur, better known than Santa
Man the battles I battle, I usually win em
In less than a minute, but it all depends
On how long it takes you rappers to realise
That trying to defend yourself is ridiculous
Didn't you get my message its out of the question
Cause you're toys boys, I'm the Real McCoy
I'm really gonna enjoy seeing you destroyed
If I was Fred Flintstone I'd probably own all of Bedrock
If I was a criminal I'd probably own a cellblock
If I was in the Navy I would own the sea
But I'm a poet so I own the whole rap industry
I'm like a lion my man, and the streets are my den
It's either kill or be killed, so I kill
I kill again and again and again
Surmount the times, rappers I'll slaughter them
I tie em up and throw them in the water
Then I'll just walk away like nothing ever happened until somebody else starts rappin
That's when I snap and I'll attack and go mad like Rambo or maybe like Commando, or like Lando
Calrissian, cause you know he was down with the Force
Fresh Prince is the source I feel no pain or remorse
Think that you can beat me rappin man you must be silly
Man I really really really really really really
Hate when people, doubt my ability
And I have to prove superiority
If rap was basketball, I would be in luck
Cause every time I freestyle it would be a slam dunk
Man I'm the engineer, and you're the passengers
Taking on a voyage, a hip-hop massacre
The Jason of rap, Freddy Kruger of rhymin
And I'm sure that you'll see in due time man
People will run, to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to all join in, to this Fresh Prince mania
My face in magazines, on your radio or stereo
Everywhere you go, audio and video
A hip-hop terrorist, war like vocalist
Other rappers say, yo Prince why don't you show me this
Style now you must be trippin it ain't no way in hell I'ma let you put your lip in
My rhyme cause it's a timebomb, I'm not kiddin
My rhyme explodes the second it gets bitten
I'm quick and nimble, a status symbol
I shop at Macy's now but I used to shop at Gimble's
I'll, drop kick a hurricane, bodyslam a tidal wave
Walk through a tornado, or a volcano
But I'll be okay though
And here's some more info that you rappers should know
You are the bombs and I will defuse you
I am the lawyer and I'm going to accuse you of the ultimate rhyme crime and you will be guilty
There's no way that you'll ever ever defeat beat me rappin any time or day
Pop so much trash, man I can't wait to be face to face, and hear Jeff say sick em
Man you're gonna be my victim
You better duck, and pray for good luck Chuck, cause you're stuck
You're like a Thanksgiving turkey and it's time to be plucked
I see you're nervous purpose that's how I now you're soft
You're runnin round like a chicken with your head cut off
But just relax my power to the max
And I'm cuttin no slack on this rap track, Jack
So back up, as if you got good sense
Or feel the fury of the Prince
And ya don't stop
Yo Jazzy why don't you rock up the spots

Don't question my intelligence! :touche: How can my points be irrelevant? :dunno: I'd rather wait 2 or 3 years to hear a versatile Big Will album than waste my money every year on Jay-Z' albums that sounds repetitive, if you heard one Jay-Z album you heard them all, but all Will's albums are unique in their own way, yet people in mainstream look at Jay-Z as more of a hip-hop icon than do with Will, but what can you expect from these same people that consider Nelly hip-hop as well when true hip-hop fans know that he's a sellout rapper that raps for hits, Will doesn't change his foundation for a hit, he stays consistant, but always comes up with something new to keep building up his stock, I know the board got my back on this.
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[quote=bigted,Sep 29 2004, 09:52 AM]Don't question my intelligence! :touche: How can my points be irrelevant? :dunno: I'd rather wait 2 or 3 years to hear a versatile Big Will album than waste my money every year on Jay-Z' albums that sounds repetitive, if you heard one Jay-Z album you heard them all, but all Will's albums are unique in their own way, yet people in mainstream look at Jay-Z as more of a hip-hop icon than do with Will, but what can you expect from these same people that consider Nelly hip-hop as well when true hip-hop fans know that he's a sellout rapper that raps for hits, Will doesn't change his foundation for a hit, he stays consistant, but always comes up with something new to keep building up his stock, I know the board got my back on this.[/quote]
You're points about how original Will is are irrelivant. We are arguing about Will's [b][i]RHYME ABILITY[/i][/b]. Not his originality. Not his shoe size. Not his favourite colour. Just his Rhyming ability. Which consists of being able to pick two words that sound similar, and making them into short sentances. But you knew that didn't you ? So the fact that Will is coming with something new/People considering Nelly Hop Hop/The fact that I like cola bottle jellies has nothing to do with it.

Let's try it a bit simpler.
Rhyme Scheme == Apples.
Will's originality == Oranges.

[i]Perry : Hey, do you like Apples ?
You : I like Oranges!
Me : Yes but how about Apples, I only have Apples I was wondering if you liked them.
You : OMG how can you say that, I like Oranges![/i]

Now onto the verse you posted...

Will Rhymes the following words (this is just by flicking through it quickly remember.)

Written with Bitten.
Alright with uptight.
Toy, Boy, Mccoy and destroy.
Bedrock, Cellblock
Sea, industry.
Den with again.

I can't be bothered with the rest, but if you don't get the point after that you're either a fanboy, Colour blind or just plain ignorant. I think the hardest words he rhymed in the lines I read where sea with industry, which lets face it dosen't take the vocabualary of a genius.

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Who the hell you think you are Perry, Chuck D? Who died and made you a hip-hop genius? Don't be talking to me like I'm some sort of retart and I don't know what I'm talking about here! Aight he didn't use big words to rap in that verse, but what rapper back then did? Back in the '80s a lot of mcs didn't even spit 16 bar verses, if u listen to old school hip-hop you'd know that already, there used to be more break down sessions for break dancers to get down to, hip hop was different, but that verse that Will did remains hot today 'cause hip-hop is also about punchlines and it was an 80 line verse, every line in that verse was a punchline, do the math that's 80 punchlines, son! So saying **** every five seconds in a rap song is considered having more RHYME ABILTY? :nhawong: Sure Eminem and Jay-Z sometimes use bigger words than most rappers but they say **** 1000 times in a song to make themselves sound ignorant! :bang:
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Perry is right. He's just demonstrating the difference between how Will rhymes and others. Also, cussing doesn't make u ignorant. Will cusses. A lot in some of his movies too. That doesn't make him sound ignorant. Sometimes a cuss word is needed to make emotion stronger. I'm the biggest Pac fan and I'm not offended by cussing at all. U can't diss rappers who choose to cuss. That's their thing. Intelligent rappers like the Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli all cuss many times. Does that make them and dumber? no. Edited by krizia
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Hey I don't get offended either from cursing, I curse sometimes in my rhymes too but when you curse too much in the song it doesn't make sense, you curse to make a point(like when 2Pac, KRS, Talib Kweli, and Nas do), but a lot of times when rappers curse they don't make sense 'cause they're not making any point in their songs like when Eminem and Jay-Z curse, they're wack 'cause they say the same things over and over, you gotta switch it up a lil' bit, that's the only point I'm trying to make, I don't care if you don't respect my opinion that's how I feel about this hip-hop ****, it more than just about lyrical skills it's also about creativity and style. You have to be well balance to be an all star or legend, you can't get a triple double by only scoring, you have to also rebound and assist, it's the same thing with hip-hop you have to not only have rhyme skills, but you have to have style, creativity, and originality, plus express emotion in your songs, when you listen to a lot of songs they don't make you feel anything, but if you put on JJFP, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Run-Dmc, Slick Rick, Nas, KRS-ONE, 2 Pac, and Talib Kweli, you feel the emotion from start to finish, that's the most important thing to me, you have to make impact!
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will has skillz.. back in the day he was known for rapping for a long time and breath control.. and you dont truely appreciate his ability until you see him live.. and whats your point about rhyme ability? will has come up from the 80s? what are you expecting out of him, i just dont know... if you wanna compare wills rhyme ability you can only compare it to those who were out at the same time..and will stacks up well...
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Everyone is looking waaaaay too deep into this and getting too offended simply because I ain't talking about Will like he's God himself. Once agai all's I was talking about was rhyme ability. I have praised Will on everything else. Everyone keeps talking about other things like breath control and how much he dosen't cuss. Just to reiterate this once a-****ing-gain, I wasn't talking about them. I mentioned Will's rhmye ability and everyone flooded with all sorts about how great his flow is. I never mentioned flow I mentioned Rhyme.

Weather or not Eminem cusses 1 or 50 times per song, fact of the matter is he's one of the greatest RHYMES that have ever took the mic. I don't like Eminem. I don't listen to Eminem. I'm just saying that he does have an amazing talent for rhyme.

I never said anything about being Chuck D, I'm just trying to make a point yet for some reason people keep jumping in with completely irrelevant information. I don't care how the old school had a simpler rap scheme. I know this I posted it just above if you care to read.


Stop getting so damn offended because I ain't talking about him in perfect light. That's called fanboyism.
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its not fanboyism, i just dont see your point.. will has a rhyme scheme that developed in 82 listening to sugarhill gang, what kind of rhyme scheme do you expect from some1 whos first record came out in 1986? if will started comin out now with multiple syllables and a complex rhyme scheme now it wouldnt sound right? so wills not spitting sum crazy rhyme scheme...sooooooooooooooooo?????? :dunno:
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People consider KRS-ONE one of the best lyricists of all time but if you check this verse from the legendary song "Criminal Minded" you'll notice that he didn't use big vocabulary either but does it take anything away from his talent? Check it in case you never did since you're probably just starting to listen to hip-hop:

"We're not promoting violence, we're just havin some fun
He's Scott LaRock, I'm KRS-One
Never off-beat cause it don't make sense
Grab the microphone, relaxed and not tense
You waited, debated, and now you activated
A musical genius that could not be duplicated
See I have the formula for rockin the house
If you cannot rock a party do not open your mouth
It's that simple, no phony cosmetics to your pimple
Take another look because the gear is not wrinkled
The K, the R, the S, the O, the N, the E
Sayin rhyme for eighty-seven not from 1983
Well versed, to rehearse, and my rhymes are my curse
Originality come first but the suckers get worse
Allow me to include I have a very stable mood
Poetic education of a high altitude
I'm not an MC, so listen, call me poet or musician
A genius when it comes to making music with ambition
I'm cool, collected with the rhyme I directed
Don't wanna be elected as the king of a record
Just respected by others as the man with the solution
An artist of the 80's came and left his contribution
on wax, relax, there's 24 tracks
After years of rocking parties now I picked up the knack
Because everything that flows from out my larynx
Takes years of experience and bottles of Beck's
I cannot seem to recollect the time I didn't have sex
Is it real or is it Memorex?
I'm livin in a city known as New York State
Sucka MC's gotta wait while I translate
I hang with real live dreads with knowledge in their heads
People with ambition and straight up musicians
Although our lives have been so uprooted
I have it included, you all get zooted
So take each letter of the KRS-One
Means Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
You look at me and laugh, but this is your class
It's an all-out discussion of the suckas I be crushin
So now you are awakened to the music I be makin
Never duplicated, and also highly cultivated
Don't get frustrated cause nothin has been traded
Only activated, it came out very complicated
Not separated, from my DJ
You see my voice is now faded
I'll see you folks around the way"

And check out "La-Di-Da-Di" by Slick Rick and then tell me that FP's rhymes are less structured and then I'll shut up but you know you can't say that:

"La-di-da-di, we like to party
We don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody
We're, just some men that's on the mic
And when we rock upon the mic we rock the mic RIGHT
For all of y'all, keep y'all in health
Just to see you smile and enjoy yourself
Cause it's cool when you cause a cozy conditioning
Which we create, cause that's our mission
So listen close, to what we say
Because this type of **** happens everyday
I woke up around ten o'clock in the morning
I gave myself a stretch up, a morning yawn and
Went to the bathroom to wash up
Put some soap on my face and my hand upon a cup, said
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the top choice of them all
there was a rumble tumble, five minutes it lasted
the mirror said, "You are you conceited bastard!"
Well that true, that why we never had no beef
THen I washed off the soap and brushed the gold teeth
Used oil of olay cause my skin gets pail
and then I grabbed the file for my finger nails
I'm true to the style on my behalf
I put the bubbles in the tub so I could take a bubble bath
Clean, dry, was my, body and hair
I threw on my brand new Gucci underwear
For all the girls I might take home
I got the Johnson's Baby Powder and the Polo Cologne
Fresh dress, like a million bucks,
put on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks.
Stepped out the house stopped short, oh no
Went back in I forgot my Kangol
Then I dilly, DALLY, I ran through the ALLEY
I bumped into this homegirl named SALLY from the VALLEY
This was a girl playing hard to get
So I said "What's wrong?" cause she looked upset
She said uh, "It's all because of you
I'm feeling sad and blue
You went away
and now my life is filled with rainy days
I love you so
How much you'll never know
Cause you took your love away from me"
Now what was I to do
She was crying over me and she was feeling blue
I said, "Don't cry, dry, your eyes
Here comes your mother with those two little guys"
Her mean mother steps and says to me "Hi!"
Hit Sally in the face and punched her in the eye
Kicked her in the belly, and stepped on her feet
Slammed the child on the hard concrete
The bitch was strong, the kids was gone
Something was wrong I said what was going on?
I tried to break it up I said, stop it, leave her
She said, "If I can't have you she can't either"
She grabbed me closely by my socks
So I broke the hell out like I had the chicken pox
But uh, she gave chase, she caught up quick
She put a finger in the face of MC Rick, and said
"Why don't you give me some play?
And we can go cruising in my (OJ)
And if you give me that OK
I'll give you all my love today
Ricky Ricky Ricky, can't you see
Somehow your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your jazzy ways
So MC Rick my love is here to stay"
And on and on and on she kept on
The bitch been around before my mother's born
I said, "Cheer up!" I gave her a kiss
I said, "You can't have me I'm too young for you miss"
She said, "No you're not," then she starts crying
I says, "I'm nineteen", she says, "Stop lying!"
I said, "I am -- go ask my mother
And with your wrinkled pussy, I can't be your lover!"
To the heart tick tock you don't stop
To the heart tick tock you don't quit, hit it!"

And by the way let's dissect one of Cassidy's rhymes since he was the one that said that Will's rhymes are simple, look at this verse from his so called hit "Hotel" :kekeke:
"(Talk to 'em Cass) I be stayin in a ho-tel, not the mo-tel
Or the Holiday Inn (Say whaaa?!)
If that girl, don't participate
Well then I'm gon' take her friend (Say whaaa?!)
But if, mami is wit it then, mami could get it if
Mami a rider, I'ma slide up inside the bomb
I got a suite, you could creep on through
I know you tryin to get yo freak on too (c'mon)"

What's so structured about that verse?
And this guy has nerve to diss Will, a 10 year old can write a better song than Cassidy! :roll:
I could write a book about hip-hop if I wanted to so don't even question my intelligence about the game.
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Will does have the ability to rhyme a complex style if he wanted. What about this:

I was born to reign
Point blank my name
To be etched in stone
My destiny pre-ordained
Trying to live righteous
Fighting for life thiis my life
And That's why I go light on my vices
Tightening the vices of truth on the ruthless
This rhyme and the crime is their mind is just useless
The path of the poison
The genesis of the genecide
You and your boys trying to decide
What to write but your pen is a sword
And the blade is being forged
Young minds getting gorged
States have been altered by liquor by weed
And then hate gets exalted as art falls to greed
Choices is made
As the voices is layed
On the track
Contract your souls away
Soldier rage
Did you see his new benz
But the mic is the syringe
Now you proud of your
Got a lot of new friends
Got a lot of new ends
Bought a house up in the hill
Frontin shouts to the pen
Giving false accounts
Of your accounts amounts amounts to fan treason
Stands to reason
Since your inception
Laced with deception
And read false affection and must perish
From my terrace
I see the fire burn in the streets
But I won't shield my eyes to the heat
Born to reign
I was born to reign
I was born to reign
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Hey Da Brakes I was thinkin' about posting that verse too on here to make the point that Will has actually improved in his lyrical skill now compared to back then, even though he didn't always rap 3 25-bar verses in songs on "Born To Reign", you could tell that the rhyme scheme was improved from his Fresh Prince days and that's scary 'cause he had some interesting punchlines on that album! :werd:
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Jesus bloody christ, I never mentioned it took anything away from his talent. I made a comment that he has a simple rhyme scheme. I later made the comment that yes he was from the old school. I posted that first if you remember. You're getting all defensive over Will for no reason. I just said he has a simple rhyme scheme. I never said it was a bad thing. I never said KRS was the greatest lyricist. I never said anything else.

And don't offend me by telling me to read a KRS lics since I've *just started listening to Hip Hop* I didn't know you was the Don of the scene...
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