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WS mentioned in 50 cent&Dre song...


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check it out... from the next Dre album Detox...

50 like WS Pursuit of Happyness...

Have a nice week end...

BTW check out this link


(that's what we been throw in the last 8 {!!!} years)

BTW 2 in my city there's a new cinema theater and in the front there's a big WS painting... you got to see it...


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Will (or JJFP) is mentionned in a lot of songs.

Even in a french song, but it is not as a reference, but as a comparison :

"Mon style c'est du Kill Bill pas du Will Smith" ("My style is some Kill BIll not Will Smith", refers to the hardcore style of the rapper)

He is a reference in rap, movies, success and American dream !

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That "Life Is Better" song is brilliant, Q-Tip shouts out a bunch of hip hop artists, it does sound like he says Will somewhere in there


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I like when he's mentioned in songs like the Game's song but I forgot the name of the song. And if anyone is familiar with Copywrite "who I think is the best right now imo" but he said, "I'm a product of Slick Rick was brought up on Will Smith". I just thought that was cool cause I love copy.

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