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  1. I like when he's mentioned in songs like the Game's song but I forgot the name of the song. And if anyone is familiar with Copywrite "who I think is the best right now imo" but he said, "I'm a product of Slick Rick was brought up on Will Smith". I just thought that was cool cause I love copy.
  2. Basically I just say what the f*ck are you basing your opinion on. People who say that ain't listened none his stuff anyway, and I consider them ignorant.
  3. Music artist don't really retire they stop. It's like when a athlete retires and they hold a press conference. and show their achievements on espn classic. I don't think there's an bet classic.
  4. It's not like I don't get or understand where you guys are coming from. But at a certain point you get fed up with the state of the game and you feel there is no hope I can't appeal to people. I mean the man has to make a living. Movies are his life now. He's been acting for 15 years now he's not your prototypical rapper I need more loot so I'll dabble in movies too he's a career actor and has to do his job his life isn't rap anymore it's movies. You can tell he's fed up and doesn't like the game anymore, that's one of the flaws of L&F he comes off bitter at times. As fans you want more music, but you have to accept that his life is movies.
  5. It doesn't say that he said it his mother said it he was red faced means he was embarresed he didn't divulge the information his mother said it.
  6. I don't know what point he's trying to make It helps to know how he set up the line.The one thing I know about game is that he has alot of respect for the legends of yesteryear so in which they all do but don't show it but game has love for the old school legends.
  7. Go Kanye Go I have no problem with this shoot if I had that much money I'd have book cases full of porn what about him being the guy who made jesus walks is sex a sin.There ain't nothing wrong with pornography it ain't a billion dollar industry for nothing there's lots of perverts out there.If it wasn't for sports Pornograghy would be my number one favorite thing and it ain't too far behind.It's all fantasy and however we want to indulge in them is no ones business.Atleast he doesn't star in them.Much love and big ups to Kanye spend 1,000 next time dog :wickedwisdom:
  8. Biz verse Is a mixture of primarily the vapors and Nobody beats the biz and a few others
  9. I think biz had one of the hottest verses on the whole album IMO :rockon:
  10. It's totally absurd all the garbage in the radio waves that make it.It's like no one likes real music anymore.the third verse I think scares people they don't want to hear Will Smith rap about the state of Hip-Hop.No one wants to hear the truth anymore.It's a sad day when Will Smith has to step up to the plate and call out the watered down rap game :shakehead:
  11. I don't know Terry Nickels is either.And I don't know jumpinjackaj or what ever or powerysa whatever.I'm Entitled to say I think Eminem Is one of the greatest just like you entitled to say you don't like him.First amendment dog.I love Em that's constitutional right to say I like him it's yours not to.So I like Em you don't who cares if you do or don't.In my heart and my mind is one of the greatest and that's all that matters.Just Like big daddy kane said in the classic symphony.That category period end of story. :thumbsup:
  12. terry_nickels posted Friday, December 17, 2004 7:42:00 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 5 Lyrics Production "Eminem Is The Greatest." Eminem is, and will always be, the greatest of all time. What else can we expect but to let our jaws drop when that man spits. Terry Nickels Underground hip-hop.Now here's a man who know's what the hell he's talking about "Perfect!" The illest S.O.B alive man. This guy is crazy! One of his best songs ever. The Nebulous Nebula posted Thursday, June 02, 2005 3:11:00 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 5 Lyrics Production "....." Now don't get me wrong the lyrics are off the hook, but it's not freestyle. I heard this same **** on a radio show. specialk posted Thursday, July 01, 2004 12:04:00 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 5 Lyrics Production "Eminem Freestyle" This is back in the days when Eminem could freestyle apsolutely sick; he is one of the best of all time with KRS-One,Supernatural,A-Butta and Me. This beat was provided by the second best, Dr.Dre, who changes up the beats and Eminem just continues to kill it. d danja posted Monday, March 29, 2004 11:47:00 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 5 Lyrics Production "Still Amazin'" I heard this one and I just knew this dude was gonna be great. Six years later, he's till doin' his thing like crazy, even though that new D12 joint is corny as f*ck. pg13whitey posted Saturday, May 03, 2003 8:26:00 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 5 Lyrics Production "Best Freestyler Ever" Can’t touch Eminem when he’s freestyling. Sickest stuff you will ever hear.
  13. I only used Chris Rock to make a point.Besides I don't give a got damn what other people are doing I wouldn't let my children listen to any body but Will including Eminem.And listening to tupac kids aren't hearing any message he's trying to leave all they hear is the cussing.Like I said I'm through with this you can waste energy coming at me but I left it alone :pony: I only used Chris Rock to make a point.Besides I don't give a got damn what other people are doing I wouldn't let my children listen to any body but Will including Eminem.And listening to tupac kids aren't hearing any message he's trying to leave all they hear is the cussing.Like I said I'm through with this you can waste energy coming at me but I left it alone :pony: Check post #86 I left it alone
  14. yeah peoples I peeped it out but they only showed a quarter through the He raised was in the days verse.From what I saw it was dope.I even had it on DVR but I erased it if your going to premiere a video atleast show the whole thing.man I hate trl.
  15. Yeah I'm pretty sure he let her listen to it also.It doesn't have anything to do with being a good father.How many people hate their baby mama's most of them.Your not obligated to like her he put it in a song some people actually do kill their baby mama's.Rae Carruth the football player and Scott Peterson.Condemn them they actually did it not Eminem he only made a song .It's only a song who gives a crap.Just like Chris Rock said.When your single you wanna kill yourself,when your married you wanna kill your spouse,If you never contemplated murder you ain't been in love and I'm quoting him on that.So, I give you one to grow on-UMC'S. :smartass:
  16. Well I like Em that's all that matters right.I've had this complex forever I can't stand when other people don't like the same things I like.A little childish sure but old habits die hard I think the saying goes.Guess I layed it on a little thick this time.So all peace here like heavy d. said I got nuttin' but love for ya baby.peace I'm ghost.I will leave with my list top ten favorite mc's.1.Will smith2.Eminem3.Master Ace4.Run-dmc5.whodini6.Grandmaster flash and the Furious five7.Canibus8.Brand Nubian9.EPMD10.LL cool J. :kool:
  17. What the hell out are talking about he hardly ever repped hip-hop culture cause his hip-hop is different from other people's hip-hop.And what the hell do you stupid people mean he sold out because he changed his material a little bit.So it makes you guys feel better if he's making songs about raping and killing his mother.Killing his wife,shooting dope taking acid.But he sold out cause he made songs like mockingbird,like toy soldiers.I mean got damn he's damn near 33 years old he can't rap about crazy stuff like that.He used Encore to try to set things straight about certain issues and made the music a little more serious and it backfired on him and that makes him a sell out get the hell out of here man.If it ain't broke don't fix it sure.Look at the crap b2r which isn't that bad of an album you give will excuses a it was an experiment album bull it was a whack album.Encore was experiment album.So when em's next album out called the return of the real slim shady.You'll like to hear things like raping his mother,killing his wife,smoking dope eating mushrooms and throw a few positive songs in there you'll like him again what ever :chuks:
  18. I'm through with this topic there's no right or wrong here you guys definately aren't right.And who's to say if em isn't in the game it would be better how the hell do you know you a friggin' profit.Em revived doctor dre's career.93% of rap now is gimmick rap don't act like em is the only one.Em has something that people on this board can't see because they don't know jack sh*t who he really is.Em and D12 all grew up in the same neighborhood he told them when he get's into the game he would put them on too and he did he didn't leave the people behind that were there for him.He's a great father who loves his daughter very much he's really a cool person and you a**holes on here don't know anything about em.He matured and tried to take a more serious stand on encore and the gimmick lovers and jerks like you guys couldn't handle it so it didn't sell as well as his other multi-platinum cd's.You guys are acting like I ain't got no love for will like I said I love more than anybody if Will passed right now I would lock myself in my room and ball waterfalling my pillow's and all that.I love em just the same and I don't care what you people think about him.And brainwashed get the hell out of here I ain't no dumb honkey who hangs on his every word.I just know what to believe I know what's real and I know what rap is brainwashed nothing I know what the hell I like so in the immortal words of Redman, "wat eva man"
  19. Yeah sure blame the white man for ruining hipnhop.Hip-hop's been in a demise em has no part of it he does what most rappers do so cut your crap.He rappers raps about what sells not great lyrics em is one the last great lyricist yet.So get off his balls stop hatin' for nothing.More great words form em."Homo-phobic,naw you just hetero-phobic.Staring at my jeans wathcing my genitals bulgin'.That's my motherf*kin' balls you better let go of them.They belong in my scrotum you'll never get hold of them" I dedicate that line to my new best friend Bigted. :chuks:
  20. He won oscar for best song for Lose Yourself not best actor.He did not play himself the movie was losely based on his life his name wasn't marshall mathers in the movie and he wasn't slim shady he was b. rabbit.
  21. I'm ending my EMINEM rant with this.You can say what ever you want about EM.His place in hip-hop hisory is cemented.Multi-platinum selling records,American music,grammy,mtv awards.Oh yes what Will doesn't have an O-S-C-A-R.Anyone who thinks the eminem show isn't a classic piece of hip-hop is a got damn fool.Yes ok since 2003 he's been on a downside not including eminem show but who stays on top forever.Eminem has dominated in the game so his place in hip-hop history is cemented.I don't give a got damn what the public enemy board or public enemy has to say about Eminem.Ask anyone who is irrelevent if em is one of the greatest they'll say no question.So in the immortal words of my man em"I just don't give a f*ck :smartass:
  22. I'm sorry but you people are bias to Will Smith.I mean damn I love will but I live in reality.You know if em didn't say what he said about will eminem would not catch the flack he's gettting on this board.I'm not trying to start beef I give credit where credit is due that's all I'm saying.To say em isn't one of the greatest is plain wrong.You wanna talk about about battles.Em has won battles in the trenches of detroit against black cats playing the racial field you know like look at this vanilla ice cat.He had to win battles being careful of how he attacked black mc's.If you look at the great battles in the eighties kool moe dee vs. busy bee.Kool moe dee vs.ll cool j.Boogie down vs. juice crew.They were creative in the way they battled and were smart and it was never personal and always on wax.Look at the battles now they have no creativity it's who can throw the lowest blow.If it's jay-z I f'd your girl or if it's tupac I f'd your wife or ja rule calling em's daughter a crack-whore.That what makes em a real battler he had to be creative in how he attacked mc's that's how battles are supposed to be.I love will I have every album I can rap every song word for word from Rock the house to most of lost and found.but I love em to and I can say that same thing about him in regards to his music.And Will get's his sales just like em does.There's not enough black people out there who like rap to balloon these album sales.Will needs the white audience and overseas audience just as much as em does.To say he only appeals to white people dosn't make him any less of an mc than anyone cause they need the white audience too.Nuttin' but love for you baby
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