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Will and Spielberg team up for "Oldboy"


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"Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in early discussions to collaborate on a remake of Chan Wook-park's Oldboy, says Variety. DreamWorks is in the process of securing the remake rights, and the new film will be distributed by Universal.

In the 2003 Korean original, a man gets kidnapped and held in a shabby cell for 15 years without explanation. Suddenly, he's released and given money, a cell phone and clothes and is set on a path to discover who destroyed his life so he can take revenge.

Smith who would play the kidnapped man if all the pieces fall into place. Spielberg is looking for a writer to begin the development process.

Spielberg is next expected to direct Tintin."

I'd love to see Will work with Spielberg, but not on this. First off, the film is a masterpiece, one of the most orginal movies I've ever seen and remakes are usually awful. It is very dark and violent with one of the most disturbing endings out there. If they keep to the orginal, it wouldn't be a very accessible film to the mainstream. Frankly, I can't see Will and Spielberg making something so dark and edgy. So then what's the point? Critics and fans of the orginal, already generally upset about the idea of a remake, will be waiting to tear down the film for coping out and rightfully so.

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If they did it just like the original It would be intressting to see Will play that role... But I'm guessing it will just be kindof an "Inspired by..." type of thing... And they will prob. turn the movie into a PG-13, and just take out all of the really dark stuff... No, I can't see this being a great movie... But if theyr'e doing this just like the original it would prob. be a good movie, but not very intressting since it's a remake... Just don't do remakes! If Will and Spielberg is gonna work on a movie, do something original!

Remember this Will?

"Original, A first form from which varieties arise, an authentic work of art as opposed to an imitation or reproduction"

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I was just reading a synopsis of the original.

It would be truly a departure for Will, something different, it may not go over so well with American audiences, but could be oscar worthy, especially considering Spielberg's direction

Very nice point Viber! Originality does matter.

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I hear you guys about the complaints, BUT i'd much rather see Will & Spielberg do Oldboy instead of Vin Diesel & Justin Lin.

I mean wether Will and Spielberg do it or not, they are going to remake oldboy.

Oldboy is indeed a masterpiece, plus the concept of the movie wouldn't work for the masses. It's really insanely dark and depressing, though I could see Will portraying that role beautifully, but it wouldn't sell. The ending makes the movie.

I hope they'll pass on this project and I hope they'll do another one.

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