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Could that be a proof that Will and Jada's relationship problems are affecting her or that too early fame is way too dangerous?

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Ok,don't get me wrong I'm not going to say nothing about Will&Jada's relationships or the way they raising their kids,it's not my problem,but I'm really curious.Does anybody here know why are they always with Jada's mother,brother,stepdad,aunt,cousins...and there's nobody from Will's family?And more important what's happening with Trey?I know he's adult know but he's literally never with them anymore-not on Christmas,winter break,when they are in Philly,when they are in Europe for months,or now when they shooting movie for months...I mean he's in LA,not study,it's really weird that his not with them even for two days when they were in Will's hometown for basketball game.As I said,don't get me wrong,I'm just curious...as always LOL.

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