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Willow Smith's MLK Jr. Holiday Weekend Travels

With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday weekend upon us, Willow Smith was spotted prepping for an outbound flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, CA on Friday afternoon (January 13).

Sporting a funky, natural hued hairdo while clad in a black "Southside Slugger" sweatshirt and tights, the 11-year-old singer/actress offered up a big smile as she was escorted inside the metro terminal before disappearing past the security checkpoint.

The weekend travels come as Miss Smith's producer has recently told that she's nearing completion of her debut album, Willow: You Think You Know Me, with a hoped for release date of April 3, 2012.

With the disc said to have a style similar to that of her hit track "Whip My Hair," it has also been revealed that Willow's next single will be "Rock Star".


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It's not important were Will and Jada there,but she's eleven,as a parent they should know where is she and with whom.Why is she on that stage in Las Vegas,why she taken this picture,who took the picture?!But I think that they completely approve all this crazy things.It's their kids,their problem but they all are little "out of track"this days.Will really,really should let Jaden and Willow enjoy in their childhood,and then,for couple years,they can do everything.Why they rush things so much, I mean they not that old :pound: .

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