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Will Smith Works On His Golf Game

Enjoying a well-deserved and much-needed vacation, Will Smith was spotted playing a round of golf in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico yesterday (December 28).

The “I Am Legend” has been on holiday in the Mexican paradise as of late, and looked relaxed as he frolicked around the golf course sporting a bright colored polo shirt with khakis and a visor.


More pics here:


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Some articles...

Will Smith's Fury Over Dangerous Drivers

Will Smith has a new fear - motorists.

The Men In Black star is terrified of other drivers since his 16-year-old son got behind the wheel of a car - because he has started to notice how dangerous the roads are.

He says, "I almost cursed a lady out on the freeway. She was driving with an open book on the steering wheel. I was furious.

"It terrifies me - my 16-year-old has just started driving and in January he'll be able to drive by himself and it's like he doesn't understand the nature of the weapon he is going to be behind the wheel of. But he wants to drive race cars and stuff like that."



Will Smith thinks his son might have ESP

London (IANS): Hollywood actor Will Smith believes his son Jaden might have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and can see into the future.

Thesun.co.uk reports Smith as saying, "Jaden is so in touch with something, like when we look at him and we feel so silly sometimes. If he says, 'You know, mom, I don't wanna fly today,' we're like, 'Why? What happened?' He's so in touch and so open. He's our little Nostradamus."

Smith appears in the recent hit "Seven Pounds".


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London (IANS): Hollywood actor Will Smith believes his son Jaden might have Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and can see into the future.

:sinking: Be careful with what you say Will...

I wonder how his new record would sound if he recorded one :hmm:

The rapper isn't just lost to the actor any more, he just seems so fake sometimes... I don't know, but he have just changed so much since 2005, It's like he's a totally different person... And I don't really like it...

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