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Beijing 2008


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so.........France got their asses handed to 'em. lmao. oh man, the looks on their faces. :lolsign:

Team USA :w00t:

:yeahthat: That's what they get for talking smack :fencing:

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I saw it Brakes, and he did it like it was nothing, I was actually laughing, lol.

Phelps made history that was pretty cool, but the Australian team killed it in the women's events.

Gymnastics was interesting to watch, I was glad Nastia and Shawn got 1&2, but the scoring was kinda funny to me; count me in with those that don't believe all the girls on the Chinese Team are 16. I know Asian women are known to be small but it seems kinda suspect to me esp. considering how young they start those girls out over there.

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Bolt was absolutely insane in the 100m, I still cannot believe it. And its not like he is incredibly muscly or built either, he is just a freak. I suppose he is pretty tall though.

Also, I understand where you're coming from MissAshley with the Chinese girls, some of them looked like they were around 11 or 12 years old. They were still pretty amazing though, I could never do any of the things those gymnasts do.

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This year's Olympics are really great. We just won Men's hammer throw :thumbsup:

I hope Bolt doesn't use doping, because he is literaly unbelievable:)

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