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It got where I thought It would and it will continue growing till they take it off the theathers. If Batman didnt come to the theathers so soon after, maybe the results could have been better yet!

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Updated Numbers 9.8.08:

According to The-Numbers.com Hancock notched another milestone over the weekend. With its international run not yet finished, Hancock passed both Men In Black($589.4 million) and I Am Legend($584.0 million) to become Will Smith's 2nd biggest movie of his career. It looks as though Hancock could finish at $600 million putting it at #41 on the all-time worldwide list. Only 1996's Independence Day($817.0 million) has made more money than any of Smith's movies.

Total US Gross $227,946,274

International Gross $362,600,000

Worldwide Gross $590,546,274

Will Smith's Worldwide Box-Office List(worldwide rank in parenthesis):

1. Independence Day(1996) $817.0 million(#19)

2. Hancock(2008) $590.5 million(#43)

3. Men In Black(1997) $589.4 million(#44)

4. I Am Legend(2007) $584.0 million(#45)

5. Men In Black II(2002) $441.8 million(#85)

6. Hitch(2005) $368.1 million(#122)

7. Sharktale(2004) $367.3 million(#123)

8. I, Robot(2004) $347.2 million(#148)

9. The P.O.H.(2006) $307.1 million(#180)

10. Bad Boys 2(2003) $273.3 million(#223)

11. Enemy Of The State(1998) $250.6 million(#253)

12. Wild Wild West(1999) $222.1 million(#302)

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$600 MILLION!!!

It's been a very good summer for Will Smith. Despite bad reviews, Hancock's worldwide box-office total passed the $600 million mark over the weekend thanks to its better than expected international run. With its U.S. run finally over, Hancock looks to continue its impressive run on the international side. Hancock just opened at #1 in Italy.

Domestic: $227.9 million

Overseas: $375.9 million

Worldwide: $603.8 million

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