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Hancock still at #1 in U.S.

Hancock was #1 on Tuesday with $3.5 million bringing its U.S. total to $171.4 million. Couple that with the nearly $180 million it's earned overseas and Hancock has now grossed over $350 million worldwide. It passed I, Robot into 7th place on Will Smith's career box-office total list. It will pass Sharktale & Hitch by the end of the weekend to settle into 5th place and could possibly overtake MIBII($441.8 million) before the end of its run.

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Updated Numbers:

Another day, another #1 spot for Will Smith's Hancock. It pulled in $3.1 million on Wednesday to raise its U.S. total to $174.6 million. It will more than likely be #1 again on Thursday before it gives way to what critics are calling the movie of the summer, and perhaps the year, The Dark Knight.

Hancock will probably only take in $7-12 million over the weekend and finish the weekend around $190 million. It will definitely close above $200 million giving Smith his 2nd straight and 4th movie overall to finish above $200 million.

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The other big movies that are opening this weekend are Mamma Mia and the animated feature Space Chimps. While they won't be on nearly as many screens as Hancock, they are new movies that people may want to see thus taking away even more business from Hancock. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Hancock could fall out of the top 3 this weekend and maybe all the way down to the 5th spot.

I do think Tim may be right as the website TheNumbers.com are predicting a $15 million finish & a 3rd place finish for Hancock.

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hancock finishes work week at #1

hancock pulled in $2.9 million on Thursday to finish at #1. it has now pulled in $177.5 million and will look to hopefully take in another $15 million this weekend despite having the dark Knight in theatres this weekend.

domestic: $177.5 million

overseas: $179.8 million

worldwide: $357.3 million

2008 worldwide rank: 5

2008 domestic rank: 4

all-time worldwide rank: 130

all-time domestic rank: 115

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Hancock's $14 million weekend was more than enough to become Will Smith's 5th biggest movie of his career. With its $371 million worldwide total, Hancock now trails ID4($817 million), MIB($589 million), I Am Legend($584 million) and MIBII($441 million).

On the domestic front, Hancock passed MIBII into 4th place on Will Smith's career list behind ID4($306 million) I Am Legend($256 million) and MIB($250 million).

Hancock will probably finish somewhere around $225 million in the U.S, and over $450 million worldwide.

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Updated International Numbers:

According to the website TheNumbers.com, Hancock enjoyed another week at the #1 spot overseas. The movie pulled in an astonishing $74 million last week to boost its overseas total to $253.5 million. Couple that with its $191.5 million U.S. gross, Hancock has now grossed $445 million worldwide. That puts the movie in 4th place on Will Smith's career list.

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