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You gotta Love IT! Everybody knows I am a big Will Smith fan, from the early days of “Just Rockin’” to the movie career. Well, I am hearing that Will Smith is now in the studio and working on a new album. You might recall his last CD, Lost and Found, which featured production by Jazzy Jeff, DJ Twinz, Kwamé "K1 Mil" and even everybody’s homey Polow Da Don. I don’t know what Will is doing this time, but I heard he financed the last CD himself and make a lotta money since it broke Gold or came really close.

I am also big on the DJ rapper combo so Jazzy Jeff gets a huge nod. Jeff might be the best DJ ever. Anyway, check out a rare performance where Jeff and Will “Rock Right Now.”


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A lot of the rumors allhiphop says are actually accurate quite a bit of times but we'll know soon enough if this is gonna come out true or not

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Ya, I just checked Allhiphop as I usually do before getting here and I gotta say:

Illseed is definitely off when it comes to politics (he believes 9/11 is a conspiracy) but when he gets to rumors about hip hop, he's usually right.

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