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Poll: How often do you listen to JJFP?


How often do you listen to JJFP?  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you listen to JJFP on a Consisten Basis?

    • Daily
    • About Every Other Day On the Reg
    • About 1nce or Twice a week On the Average
    • About 1nce or Twice a Month Or When I have Some Spare Time
    • About A Few Times Every Other Month
    • About A Few Times A Year (First Day of Summer)
    • Whenever Jazzy Jeff Drops Something
    • I Listen to Them When Will Releases a Single (1nce every 4-6 years)
    • Only When they Drop Something as an official JJFP Release (Haven't Heard them Since 93)
    • What Is A JJFP?

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Just wondering how often yall listen to JJFP, so I thought that I would drop a poll. I personally listen to them a few times a week. There is a lot of other great music to listen to too, but I find that I listen to them 1nce or Twice a week usually. Gotta keep pushing their music together in hope that we might one day see another officiall JJFP album. :wickedwisdom:

Sorry if I didn't cover how often you listen to them in the poll choices.


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Yeah, it changes all the time for me. There are times where i'll listen 2 them (2gether or solo stuff) everyday for a month straight. And then there are times where there are some gaps. For the most part, it's once or twice a week. Keep in mind i have thousands of albums and singles...i gotta listen 2 all of it...not just an artist or 2. I listen 2 music almost non-stop. In the morning while getting ready 4 the day, while online, while driving, while doing ANYTHING around the house other than when watching TV, and then while i'm going 2 bed. It's when i deprive myself of them that a have a new sense of how good even my least favorite songs or albums are.

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like everyone else, it depends on how i feel. sometimes a couple of months go by and sometimes I listen to their whole discography in one day.

I've been kinda sick of my cd collection lately, just trying to find new stuff i haven't heard before. Since I have all the JJFP albums they dont get that much playtime for now.. But everytime JJFP comes on when I have my mp3 on random, their songs always makes me feel good.

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i'd say once or twice a week...on average. I think all the other posts summed it up well. The only thing I'd add, is when I get a new album, especially if it's a few weeks early and i've been craving it, I may have to put them on hold for awhile.

I'd have to say that it goes JJFP then Nas in terms of consistently listening to discography. After that, I go all over the place, with Green Lantern and Mick Boogie mixtapes as the fun spins. I have Jay's discography but I've found that I can't go so consistent on his stuff. It's worth playing the whole rotation on shuffle at times, but for some reason alot of his stuff misses for me, more than I thought.

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I listen to JJFP at least a few times a month

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