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link: http://nz.entertainment.yahoo.com/070710/7/uro.html

A tiny King Country town could set the scene for an upcoming film starring Hollywood star Will Smith.

Ohura, population 165, is being tipped to be one of the locations for Bad Boys III, the third in the Bad Boys action franchise starring Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Bonny Johnson, operator of the local Jailhouse Cafe, told the Taranaki Daily News the Auckland owners of the town's former prison were in talks with the Bad Boys producers, about shooting there.

The secluded prison complex, which had originally been a miners' hostel, and closed in 2003, was perfect for a film shoot, Ms Johnson said.

"They said that the biggest problem with filming is the problems they have with outside people and security - whereas with this one they can block the whole thing off," Ms Johnson said.

Talks had been going on for about four months, she added, but there was no word on when filming would happen.

"They are saying they will use it, but `we will use it when we want to use it'."

I doubt this, something would of been said in the trades...likely for "John Hancock"

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At this point the accuracy doesn't bother me so much. Just hearing of the news and knowing people are talking about BB3 is cool. Even tho' they were saying they wanted 2 do BB3 while they were working BB2, i wouldn't expect it 2 come 2 quick. I doubt it'll take as long as it did for the 2nd one 2 get made.

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I'm with u!! Summer 2009 would be great. Maybe they can get the soundtrack right this time. Both movies were great, but that 2nd soundtrack really sucked. That waz disappointing after how good the 1st one was. No Bad Boy affiliation with the next one, no explicit lyrics, and no less than 2 tracks from the 'Prince.

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Come on y'all Bad boys 3 taking place in another place than Miami would not be a Bad boys movie, it's like Miami vice taking place in Paris, or Lethal Weapon in South Africa. In France before the sequel to Bad Boys, words were that Bad Boys 2 was to take place in England... We all saw that!!! A lot of people expect that there will be a Bad Boys 3, so do I but we cannot be happy before the official words.

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I'd be up for a Bad Boys 3 film, but I hope it doesn't follow the example of the disastrous Rush Hour 3 film,

that cost New Line about $US 200 mill to make, plus there's the fact that they had to fork out about

$US 50 mill just in salary payments to Tucker, Chan and director Brett Ratner. I'm guessing Sony will

probably have to do the same on a BB3 film, as Will, Lawrence and director Michael Bay (if he opted to

direct) won't come cheap.

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