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  1. Interview with Jeff talking about the mixtape amongst other things. http://rapradar.com/2012/06/19/dj-jazzy-jeff-calls-yn-on-evr/
  2. Will jokingly tells Jack Thriller to get 50 Cent to call him about a collab. It starts at 4:44.
  3. What happened? I thought this was definitely going ahead. We had Mars and Jeff talking about it and K Smith mentioned listening to Will's new stuff and Will being in the studio with B. Cox, Mary J., J.D, Bruno Mars etc. But now Will said in the interview gosia posted in the MIB 3 thread that he doesn't have time to record music anymore. I couldn't believe it, I was so looking forward to the new album. What does everyone make of this? Why did Will say this after it seemed that the album was definitely going ahead!? http://news.moviefone.com/2012/05/21/men-in-black-3-will-smith-josh-brolin_n_1532664.html?ref=moviefone
  4. Is anybody else worried by the fact that Will hasn't mentioned anything about music/the new album whilst promoting MIB 3? I know that he hasn't been directly asked about new music in any of the interviews I have seen but he still could've mentioned it himself if he wanted to. For eg. when he was on Radio 1 with Chris Moyles he was asked a general kinda question about the future and what's coming next for him and his family. If Will was planning to release an album soon you would've thought he would say something about it but he just talked about After Earth, Madagascar 3, Annie, Willow's music etc. instead.
  5. Reks - R.E.K.S. and Statik Selektah & Termanology - 1982
  6. I was just watching the Gang Starr-Full Clip video there and I noticed it said Kel Spence on the wall. I know it says stuff about Kel and Premier on Kel's wikipedia page but I thought I should mention it anyway. See 2.09 and 3.18 Full Clip-video
  7. everyone is always saying how good he is, this proves that he isn't any good.
  8. i heard It Is What It Is and it's not 6 mins long and Cassidy doesn't shout Will Smith
  9. It's painful to read some of the stuff on the website. Apparently "So Fresh" is Will Smith's new song.
  10. I was wondering what happened to tra-knox after born to reign? Did they do anything else?
  11. it still not definite
  12. good look hope to see the video soon
  13. i saw it on b4 today but they sometimes play old songs
  14. nice review why does he say switch should be on it when the album is 5 years old
  15. when will the video be released?
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