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  1. hey can anyone upload jada on late night with conan o'brien plz xxx
  2. heey jadas on tonight show with david letterman tonight can someone xxx
  3. there is a live feed from the l.a premiere of hancock on entertainment tonight xxxx
  4. its says theres an interview with jada on extratv but theres nothing on the website ...THERE ONE WITH WILL THOUGH loool (under 'will smith religon') i think it was posted ages ago if anyone finds the jada interview plzz share lol xxxxxxx
  5. well im saving up loool i wonder wat the controversial ending is wen did jada talk about it in an intervew? xxxxx
  6. the jonthon ross interview was great! did anyone catch the BET interview if so cud they upload it? xxx
  7. BLOODY AMAZING lol can't wait 2 c it
  8. mara


    yh apparently only the director has signed on 2 do the movie i want them 2 do it though
  9. aww i love the whole smith family xxxxxxx
  10. its about time lauren comes bck shes one of the greatest
  11. hey iv been a member for a while now and i havent been able to get onto the audio forum just wonderin if anyone cud help me xxx
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