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crap you love on the radio

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Okay, im def gonna get heat for this but we all know how mainstream hip-hop SUCKS but when your young like myself, theres just some stuff mad by crap rappers with crap lyrics but somehow the song is hot ..ill start

JIM JONES - WE FLY HIGH - The beat is pure fire! It sounds so great blasting it in my car. Nothing like shoutin out "BALLIN!" when your joking with your friends.

50 CENT - IN DA CLUB - Okay, I hate 50 but DRE laced him with another pure fire beat. Talk about ironic here but I think hearing and watching FP rap "Summertime" over it made me like the song even more.

FAT JOE - MAKE IT RAIN - This is another decent track, radio materal yeah unfortunatly but its not bad. Its a shame what Fat Joe is now compared to what he use to be but "Make it Rain on them hos" is pretty funny lol

AKON ft. SNOOP - I WANNA F*** YOU - Now the title of this song is pure trash, actually it all is but that beat aint bad.


what are some tracks on the radio that you kinda like but know is garbage?

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yeah in da club is a pretty good track.. also that g-unit track where they rip off bad boys.. i like it just cause of the marvin gaye sample.. I like a lot of catchy music.. so i dont mind sum pop tracks now and then.. i like that petey pablo whistle song 2

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At the moment, there is nothing i like on the radio that i don't like regularly. In recent years, i've just been feeling stuff by Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Fort Minor, R. Kelly, Timbaland, Omarion, Marques Houston, Snoop Dogg, Akon...and some other stuff like John Mayer, Nickleback, Hinder, and Daughtry. All those artists i like and have no shame in it.

Thinking back to 2003, there was a single or 2 by people like Young Gunz and Cassidy that i liked...but that's about it. I can't say there's really any crappy commercial stuff that i shamelessly like.

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i really believe that when an artist or a group appears on mtv, their next album will be basically crap (the difference in quality is really obvious). but i still kind a like to listen to commercial hiphop, because i like the beats (i really don't care much about the lyrics):)

btw: how come i can't read topics in JJFP rare tracks forum?

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if i like them i dont take them exacly like a crap ,u know :) ..i got u ,maybe yeah like Da Brakes said 21 questions but not In da club

Go, go, go, go

Go, go, go shawty

It's your birthday

:shakehead: hahah

these days the producers have to take most of the credit for that kind of tracks ...

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I have to admit I like a couple of 50's old songs:

In Da Club

21 Questions


And as Tim said G-Unit's 'I Wanna Get To Know Ya'

Now that u mention it, i did like "Wanksta." Of course that waz b4 we all knew 50's personality, that he has no diveristy in his music, and that he himself is a wanksta. I only knew of him from a few 90's mixtapes i had back in the day. Oh yeah, on an unreleated note. U know how he always talks about being shot 5 times or whatever? Someone unearthed his hospital records and they state that he waz only shot 2 times. Anyways, i also kinda liked "21 Questions"...but mostly for the beat. I never understood why "In Da Club" waz big. Other than the average beat, i thought it sucked.

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I can't say I love any of the songs listed. I can tolerate In Da Club and 21 Questions. I don't love any of the songs on the radio right now. I can tolerate stupid songs like Lean like a Cholo but I really would never choose it over something I've heard a 1000 times.

And it makes my heart cry a little hearing this board loving Jim Jones and MIMS... :(

God Blessa!

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i like a lot of songs that people would say are "crap" but im not ashamed to admit it, i like Justin, Nelly furtado, akon, fergie etc, i suppose they are pretty much rnb/pop songs. But i can honestly say i dont like any of 50's songs, ive never heard a lot of the songs u guys are mentioning tho so i cant comment on them.

i think a lot of the time, people like whats cool, not what they want to like.

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i think a lot of the time, people like whats cool, not what they want to like.

Yeah, there's no way millions of people can actually think Young Joc and Jim Jones actually make good music. They just like what radio stations make people listen 2.

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ugh i cant believe im admitting this.... im starting to like a bunch of these radio songs. i just had my senior prom and these songs were all knockin

Lil Jon - Get Low

Lil Jon - Snap Ya Fingers

E40 - Tell me when to go

T-Pain - Bartender

Shop Boyz - Party Like A Rockstar

Jim Jones - We Fly High

Too Short - Blow The Whistle (not really afraid to admit i like this one, Too Short has always been dope)

Most of the bay hyphy stuff.... Mac Dre, Mistah Fab.... i'll listen to it all on a night where i just wanna party

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