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Happy Birthday Cookies!


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NOTHIN'S ON MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2day. I aint gonna b doin NUTHIN...

really dont wanna be cookin NUTHIN...

I done told yall i aint tryna be doin NUTHIN

i needa just get a FOOT rub

take a bubbly in the tubby tub

Jada said GUrL u betta turn tha PHONE Off

hold up..

none of that aint in the song!!! lol




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Thx again everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a kinda layd back day,.. not intentionally, I just kinda 'lazied my way into it. Miss school, dental appt, haha... but i had a real fun tyme today for the most part with friends online. hah



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THANX AGAIN everybody, it means so much to see the love from my long tyme fam...

Coz,.. ur never too late to show ur love 2 ya lil sis bruh.. Be told me that you had a great performance in Miami...sure wish i was down there with you guys to cut the fool.,..and eat me some burnt bbQ ribs, even if u did wanna cook any !!!!! ummmm UMPH... hah.

lol u know how WE do it!!! :thumbsup:



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