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Season 5 of Fresh Prince on DVD released May 11th, 2010

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I THINK SEASON 5 AND 6 IS COMING FINALLY!!! OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! I went to Target.com and they show 5 and 6, but no image. But why would they even show it at all if it wasnt coming?

check it out:



I hope this is no mistake or somethin'!!!

IT'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wickedwisdom:

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Warner bros has never really given fresh prince the respect it deserves.. There are no special features.. So there's no real reason to buy the DVDs cause the show is replayed on tv so much..the sales haven't been that great.. I've talked to a contact in warner bros and they have no plans to release fpoba in the next year.. It's not looking good.. They wanna release it cheaply or not at all

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Well, I really hope Fresh Prince seasons five and six make it onto DVD, because I really want to finish my set!

Also, I haven't looked at the back of any of my DVD cases recently, but I could've sworn on atleast one I read that it said, "This is Part - of the Four DVD Series." or something like that. If that is true, did they originally not have any intention of releasing Seasons five and six?

I'm going to try and keep my hopes up for the last two seasons.

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Question, I might be wrong but I seem to remember (years ago) from watching the final FP episode backstage, where Will rapped Summertime. From the bloopers I've seen so far it only shows like the intro (couple seconds) and it ends there. Will says something like see ya in 2 minutes. Am I seeing things ? Or did he really sing a full song for the crowd ?

That's what pisses me off too. Such a great show and they force you to buy the 4 seasons and then leave out the final 2 ones. This is one of the greatest tv-shows ever, it deserves the respect. It made them sooo much money now they want to cut it because it's expensive ? I don't buy that, they release the crappiest stuff surely they can release the FP. Maybe that final scene where he performs Summertime is on the season 6 DVD.

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Like Ty said, the things that's annoying about season 5&6 not being realease is, you see so many tv shows coming to DVD, that have never, and probably never will be as popular as FPOBA is. Also, if WB can't get the full set of FPOBA out on DVD, theres little to no chance of All of Us being released.

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