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Season 5 of Fresh Prince on DVD released May 11th, 2010

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Well, I'm sure they will release them one day. They know that there are only 2 seasons left. The only question is when.

It doesn't matter if the sound is mono or stereo or dolby digital. Most sitcoms on dvd have mono sound.

I suppose that they want to release new series on dvd at the moment. I have the last two seasons on video, so I can watch them, but nevertheless, the quality isn't as good as a dvd, so I'm really looking forward to get season 5...

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The last I heard about it was that they (Season 5 and 6) won't be released soon because the music was too expensive for Warner.

I guess they mean the background music, what else could they mean?

Here is the article:


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I wouldn't think they would have to clear that much music for fresh prince.. they didn't use that many songs in the show did they? seems a pretty weak reason.. i'd like to get season 6 on dvd :1-say-yes:

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To be honest, I really havn't seen much of the episodes after season 4. From what i'm reading about the music cost being high but still planning on relesing the last 2 seasons, I hope to God that is true. That would be really evil if they don't.

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Yeah, but these people need to get of their buts already.. i mean it's only 2 more saesons left i want the whole series sitting on my shelf so i won't have to watch it on tv.

That's exactly right!!! 2 SEASONS TO GO!!!!! They need to hurry up for pete sake. I am deffinately getting them when they get over the music cost at Warner Brothers!!!

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