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10 Best Hip Hop Groups

fan 4ever

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According to MTV, these are the 10 best hip hop groups:

10. UGK

9. Fugees

8. Salt 'N Pepa


6. A Tribe Called Quest

5. Wu-Tang Clan

4. Outkast

3. Public Enemy

2. N.W.A

1. Run-DMC

Groups like The Roots, Eric B. & Rakim and JJFF are not on the list because they only count groups that included at least two MCs. So duos like Gang Starr or Eric B. & Rakim — which included one rapper and a DJ — aren't eligible, but tandem-teams like N.W.A or even Kid N' Play are.

How do you feel about this list?

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thats fair enough catergorising i guess. But these days its hard to put these artists in the same catergory. Not like you can really make a top 10 Rock groups of all time cos it varies soo much. Hip-Hop is getting that way cos of age.

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Cant hate on that list since JJFP weren't eligable, and some other groups, but i'm happy Run DMC were number 1, that's the only thing i'm real happy with, even if JJFP were up there, to be completely honest i'd rate Run DMC better than JJFP



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Maybe people that worked there 15 years ago or more.

My personal top 15 would be... (in no paticular order)



Heavy D + The Boyz

A Tribe Called Quest

De La Soul

Kid 'N Play


Public Enemy

Brand Nubian


Eric B. + Rakim

Gang Starr

Digable Planets

The Fugees

Digital Underground

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I think souls of mischief is the greatest "group" because they function as a group.. they write all songs together.. and stay on topic..and it aint just verse from rapper a verse from rapper b so on and so on.. they actually intertwine their raps and mix things up..Also in a liveshow the chemistry they show on stage is amazing.. they are a great rap group to me.. man all these lists are so subjective I ain;t even gonna argue with MTV :sipread:

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