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10 Best Hip Hop Groups

fan 4ever

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If you look at what they mean for the History.. But if you simply look at skill's it ignorant to say they'd ever come close to a group like The Clan..

Now I love the clan...but really tracks like the message are still relevant as far as as skills go...it really captured the essence of hip hop...a similar thing can be said about C.R.E.A.M but both tracks are def G.O.A.T contenders...You don't have to be complex to have skills.

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Who decides whats skill and whats not skill? In my opinion.. GMF&F5 are much more skilled than the Wu-Tang Clan. If you talk about complexity in rhyme schemes etc then sure you are right, but that definitely wouldnt be a fair comparison.

But not all would agree that rhyme scheme = skill. Personally, when I talk about the best rap group ever, I talk about who changed the rap game the most, who was the most original and who had the best lyrics and the best sway. You have to compare the groups with other groups of the same time and see who stands out the most.

And actually... I think GMF&F5 had better beats than Wu-Tang Clan. And I think they had better flow in many tracks, for example in Superrappin. Better lyrics as well, not more complex, but better. And Melle Mel had something none of the people in Wu-Tang has: a powerful, energetic voice and the ability to articulate so that you could actually hear what he was saying all the time.

But.. the point is, skill is a matter of taste.

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They made a list with groups that didn't make the final cut....JJFP is in it!

Check it out here:


This is what they wrote about JJFP:

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince No matter what Will Smith is doing now, there's no denying their pioneering presence: They were the first to win a Grammy and bring it back to the hip-hop community, and helped rap shake hands with the mainstream.

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Thats dope that they gave props to the dj/mc groups too. JJFP finally got some respect that they deserve. Its also cool to see them mention some of my other favs: Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and Gang Starr.

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