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Hey guys! Got some fantastic news! I made it through the preliminary round of the O2 Undiscovered Talent Competition. I'm pretty chuffed as they received over a thousand entries so far!

Basically what happens next is voting from the public goes ahead until March and a panel of A&R Execs whittle down the entries to 30 people. They also said that artists with the highest rating is likely to grab their attention! So I need EVERYONE to help me out with this and vote for me!!

Here's how:

1. Go to http://o2undiscovered.co.uk/ViewEntriesPage.aspx

2. In the search box type Da Brakes

3. Then simply click on 'Rate This' on the right hand side to get my vote up!!

Its as simple as that! By the way the song I entered was 'Wannabe'

Here's what the winner gets!

The bursary for the final winner includes playing on the main stage at the O2 Wireless Festival, £5000 of equipment, the chance to record a track under the guidance of Polydor, leading to a digital release with full marketing and PR support. They'll also get a dedicated radio plugger, music video, handsets for the band members, a photo shoot and their own stylist. And there are 10 Wireless tickets up for grabs for friends and family, mentoring with the panelists, time with a graphic designer and some rigorous marketing support for all those live appearances.

Please please everyone vote! Everyone counts!!


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Tim posted a bulletin for which is really helpful as well!

If everyone else could do the same that would be great and cover a lot more people.

All it has to be is this:

can you do this for him

1. Go to <a href>http://o2undiscovered.co.uk/ViewEntriesPage.aspx</a>

2. In the search box type Da Brakes

3. Then simply click on 'Rate This'

thats it! get him to #1 cause if he wins he gets to do a track with polydor..and he deserves it..cause he's real talented..

You can change the last line if you want coz thats what Tim put in but keep the rest exactly the same!! Including the html code coz that makes a clickable link in the bulletin!

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