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I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone that voted for me in the O2 Undiscovered Competition! unfortunately I didn't make it through to the final 30. No Hip Hop artists got through! I finished 6th out of 1500 so that's an achievement!

Thank you all!! But this is not the end...

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Unlucky Brakes, i guess all artists on there were doing what you were and getting everyone to try and vote so much.

This really isn't the end. Keep doing your thing my friend.

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It makes me laugh tho! They advertised the competition as finding raw talent across all genres and then only pick artist from a particular one!! Not sure how many of the top 10 actually made it through

that is kind of messed up, but whatever...

don't worry about it, man. Your just paying your dues right now.

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Unlucky Brakes, it seems your only chance of getting through was to win. I'm guessing a lot of depressing artists from the same genre got through. Being top of hip hop should of stood for something. To be fair they should have put the top artist from each genre through. Just shows that hip hop isnt what sells anymore. Hopefully the single release will help expose you more as an artist. This isnt the end.

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