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I got engaged!

Da Brakes

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Gotta bring it back:

Lots of little knots that need to be tied

A pair of knuckleheads walkin side by side

down the altar, you say to yourself, "I will not falter"

But you're thinkin it -- how did I get myself in this predicament?

Saw the def cutie that made your heart sing

You hopped to the shop and got a ring

Felt left out cause all your friends are hooked

But now you're at the altar, your goose is cooked

You say a prayer, "Lord please give me strength to make it through"

Opened up your nervous mouth, slipped and said, "I do"

(thinking) "I don't, IdoIdoIdo, I don't I don't, IdoIdo, I don't, I don't"

Look you do son, now hurry up and kiss the brizide

Peace said the father, cause now the knot is tied

-- Digital Underground: "Tie The Knot" 1991


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