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Will won't rap anymore?


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SOURCE:http://www.actualite-de-stars.com/people/002947.html (in french)

I translated the article:

Will Smith won't rap anymore?

By Patrice the 07/01/2007

Will Smith began his musical career in the late eighties, member of the duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. He had begun his actor career as the main role in the serie "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" that was a success in the US and in France.

Became a box office star and a famous actor in a few years, his last album released in 2005.

In an interview with the magazine "STAR", he suggested he could stop his hip-hop career. To the question of the journalist "Will we still be lucky to listen to your rap?", Will Smith replied "I have a nephew of 17 years old who has begun to rap, and he told me it was time for me to stop".

Smith doesn't say formally that he is going to stop, but that his nephew suggests to him to do it. Maybe he will "gives the torch" to his nephew or he will just stop momentarily, the time for setting up his nephew.

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his nephew is a tool.. if Will is listening to him..instead of Jeff saying come record an album he's lost his mind :nhawong: :nhawong:

Yepp, so it is...

Sometimes I really don't understand Will and yes, sometimes I even think that what Will says in his tracks isn't true or he doesn't really mean it that way he says it!...

It's like - he's just sayin' it to make some good, real hiphop but that's all!

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U are definitly taking this 2 far just like alot of other people. He's mentioned that he may stop dropping albums, but it could just as easily be a phase he's going thru'. Remember that he retired in 1995...then dropped a new album 2 years later. Give it tyme.

And definitly don't buy in2 the negative and hopeless views of some people. After all, some of us talk with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kel Spencer, and/or Charlie Mack online from time 2 time and none of us are sweating it 2 much. Those who claim that the days of The Fresh Prince are numbered don't have any hook ups like that.

Due 2 the number of posts like this, don't be offended it your post disappears. It's just an over kill of posts like this.

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You guys, we should really stop believing all of these things we read. haha. I do remember Kyle posting that video of Will's house, which was way insane, without him thinking of Will & Jada's privacy.... but we gotta consider, (if its the same person we talkin bout here)... hes young, and young ppl do stupid things. My daughter has met Kyle, and when I told her that I though he was 'stupid' for what he did,... she corrected me with my being judgemental, and said that he is actually a really nice guy in 'real' life.

For some GOOD reason, I choose not to believe that Will is letting RAP go completely. He loves it too much. All he did was imply that his nephew told him its tyme to quit, but it doesnt meant its a final decision, even if he works with rap artists. He even has a studio here in Burbank,... why would he totally give it up in this instance? its his love...

or maybe im just rambling.. lol .



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