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  1. yo guys i just talk the other day with K Smith by twitter, he just posted somethin like "Workin in this records for Will" or some like that and i asked him if Will was workin on new music, he answered me a Yes. i dont know ih hes workin on a new album or hes just doing for fun but he still f***ing with the music! Dibujo.bmp
  2. "Award-winning record producer Polow Da Don, who has earlier teamed with music icons like Will Smith, Usher, Ciara, Fergie and the Pussycat Dolls, reportedly convinced the couple to work on the love track, stressing on the timing which would be a catalyst to produce powerful music." Here's the link where i found it: http://www.themoneytimes.com/articles/2009...id-1053217.html
  3. hahaha that was hilarious! and will wearing that Spain shirt ooo yes he is hot! I'm from Spain so i'm happy for it haha
  4. JAY-Z LYRICS "Can't Knock the Hustle" (feat. feat. Mary J. Blige) I'm making short term goals, wonder whether foes just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold chilly with enough bail money to free a big Willy high stakes, I got more at stake than philly I'm spanish and i dont understand well what Jay say, can anybody explain it to me? Is Jay dissin Will?
  5. I have never listen to it, can anybody put here the link to download from interNet?
  6. I guess that when you said Here He Comes you meant Tell My Why, and when you said Tell Me Why you meant Here He Comes P.D.:Here He Comes is a great intro!
  7. anybody had to read an article of some magazine to know that will will be forever a hip-hop artist at heart??
  8. If is true that Will and 50 Cent are workin' on the K-Smith stuff i guess he is good, but please Will, MAke 2 o 3 albums and then we myabe let you to stop! done?? :4-only1ha:
  9. Hey let's the things happen like Will wanted that happen. Forget for a time the musical career of Will and think about his movie career, about music? maybe that little K-Smith have the talent of his uncle, we just can wait
  10. That was incredible! everybody know about the talent of Will but that is incredible
  11. I'm spanish, the premiere of The Pursuit Of Happyness, or "En Busca de la Felicidad" is the next week, i can wait no more!
  12. I'm downloadin' it now! but i think that would be better with some people like Martin Lawrence,Tommy Lee, Jazzy Jeff!! i guess they were busy, anyway it was great, i have only seen the words from jada to Will when she cried and was awesome
  13. Thought i had listened the album yet, i didn't have it (Born to reign) and didn't remeber the song I gotta go home, the song is hot! it's sad that Born To Reign had a no very good succees cause there are songs really good! What you think bout that song?? (sorry if my english is not so good i'm from spain :lolsign: )
  14. Less, Coming to the stage, which i have in my Lost and Found CD (i'm from Spain), i don't have the songs of b-sides, can anybody pass me by msn or something?? or put them online? Thsnks you very very much and sorry for my poor language.
  15. I know that i can't die without see him. I live in Spain, and in Canary Island, the reason taht cause that see him some day it's very difficult, almost imposible. I hope tah one day, though it was for only 4 seconds, i can see him, only see him, he's my inspiration size 5 o 66 years ago and he will be my idol forever, i see him and is like i saw me, almost totally the same person and i admire what he has arrived in the life, just the best, nobody can dude that, he's just the best
  16. First of all, excuse me for if my language is not good, i'm spanish. I read al the replies which everybody have added, and i'm really askin' me if we actually know which is the real good music, who really have talent, who have his own style and make MUSIC and not NOISE, what many "great rappers" do and all their songs have the same stupid and ilogic message: DESTRUCION and "I'M THE BEST, NIGGA, AND BETTER DON?T SAY NOTHIN' BEFORE I KILL U WITH MY AKA" or some ridiculous thing like taht" Ok, so we're now talkin' about Nelly, we should respect this man because is one of the few rappers (Wil too, honestly) who really make Music, who really make Hip-Hop, and Very Good Hip-Hop, He doesn't need to threaten anybody to refill the lyrics of a song and i thinked and still thin that to question his talent is ridiculous
  17. Ok, I've got a little interview of Nelly, he talked about the rap industry actually and about others rappers who he admires, and he said about will somthin' like "Will has always been and is one of the greatest man in the whole world right now, people just love him you now what i'm sayin'? He's a talented rapper and i buy all his record, the last was a big one, men, and about his movie career... what could i say? he's just the best moviestar right now, i met him some years ag and he's just The Fresh Prince everybody know"
  18. Well, "PartyStarter Hottest Remix" was most difficult because all the Music was created by me, but finally got a Good result! And "PartyStarter vs Switch" was an idea that i thinked that would be Hot if it was realised well, and Workin in that i got a Hot Song! i listen it many times :D If you like the songs, tell me and i will post more Remixes although Will isn't in all of them, but are amazing. Another thing, I'm from Spain so if ma english language isn't very good...Sorry :shrug: :yeah: :gettinjiggywitit:
  19. Yeah, you can download for free from the Link http://rapidshare.de/files/7003312/PartySt...Switch.mp3.html And for The Hottest Remix that i put before (yo have to listen men...): http://rapidshare.de/files/6998998/Party_S..._Remix.mp3.html Fo' Reel!! GO WIL!!!
  20. http://rapidshare.de/files/6998998/Party_S..._Remix.mp3.html Very Good song
  21. Thakns for the Links You can hear this Party Starter Yet so Do it, it's amazing :) http://rapidshare.de/files/6998998/Party_S..._Remix.mp3.html
  22. Hello, I'm Ale and I live in Canary Island, in Spain. I did this Remix and I hope you like it, i think that is a very good transformation of the song Yeah No more, Good Bye Every One, GO WILL!!! I cant' put online the song, How i do that?? Thanks
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