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  1. i will give it 10 if Jeff was there i voted : 9
  2. it's great that they still show it ... thanks for the link but what's that mean : ''Voting began on August 16 and won't close until 10:29 p.m. on September 10--that's just one minute before the first celebrity episode airs! The number-one pick will air at the stroke of midnight, and Will Smith will team up with Dick Clark to host a half-hour introduction segment featuring cast interviews and uproarious outtakes. Don't forget to tune in for one Fresh party'' is there gonna a be a interview or something like this :shrug: ...
  3. me too ,great job i love the part when u change from so fresh to switch
  4. yeah thanks i'll be watching about that video btw here got more info about the cd http://www.take2.co.za/product.php?id=532855
  5. thanks that my favourite WS's video after So Fresh !
  6. yeah kinda but its from some man from some forum :shrug:
  7. i vote for Eva , but Gene Hackman is the greatest actor of these here
  8. thanks for the video!this is the first time a see Jada onthe stage :wickedwisdom:
  9. that's one of the best mix i ever heard with Will THANK U :dope:
  10. What is that limewire site or what but thanks !
  11. that hq version of the Live 8 mean the video is high quility or what btw thanks anyway :dope:
  12. Thanks Hero1 i only got a few of this :hail:
  13. Is he a little bit :drunk: or what ,what monster :nhawong: and he call u fools why is that for some picks if i was in your place :daveuidiot: ,just someone joking around what the problem :shrug:
  14. man do u got that ,please give u to us :1-say-yes:
  15. Is Jeff really respond or .... , but dope idea Hiro1
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