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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. :wiggle: i was just kidding becouse the others man write this thanks 3cookies, you are nice
  2. thanks to all people for the Welcome but i am sorry but i really dont understand anything for the that potha thing i see what You write but still ,because people like Lerkot ,J-o-e,willsmithfan1,Turntable,fresh_from_sofia,Frenetic and others i think aswear of the what about potha but... and then people Just Cruisin',YOU,Hypestyle,mistaboe but that it is not my business and i dont really need to be potha i am just happy i found great site about my man Jeff
  3. hi i just find the site and think is very good- all the forums and the updates. Btw i got question what is that groups: member ,potnas and ... . how to become potnas and whats the differents between them its maybe i stupid but i really dont know i have been and in others forums but never catch that...
  4. he did a lot on stage but... nobody got that for the moment i think :sigh:
  5. i cant wait for that album :1-say-yes: btw i dont wanna get ban :shakehead:
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