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  1. so thx these vids and pics and anybody can found the full concert show? i havn't saw the lives, i need the full concert show,so anyone have downloads? thx!
  2. LOL! thanks Romano338 u are a great man!
  3. this is a nice concert but My files have been lost,who can help me .give a download link, thanks,thanks,thanks
  4. 2009-07-08jaden's birthday party in beijing(china)_ http://hiphotos.baidu.com/willsmith0824/pic/item/0cc8c90f05ce39c037d12226.jpeg http://hiphotos.baidu.com/willsmith0824/pic/item/daf4e08e8eec65dd503d9244.jpeg http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=606893729
  5. video2:http://p.you.video.sina.com.cn/player/outer_player.swf?auto=1&vid=22620645&uid=1290055681
  6. NEWS: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith visited the Beijing set of Kung Fu Kid earlier today to say hi to their son Jaden. Practically all the Smiths have projects lined up now, from Jaden's Karate Kid remake to Jada's new show HawthoRNe. Even Willow is getting in on the action, with an upcoming appearance on the Nickelodeon series True Jackson, VP. Will is one of the world's most successful actors, and now his whole family is taking over Hollywood. <br />video:http://v.ku6.com/spe...wE13WsF1CW.html http://hiphotos.baid...160855a965.jpeg http://hiphotos.baid...a6810a18fb.jpeg http://hiphotos.baid...a5d0581b4f.jpeg http://hiphotos.baid...589c2fb464.jpeg http://img1.gtimg.co...40/19040035.jpg will smith website of chinahttp://www.willsmithcn.com/bbs/ gl gl gl
  7. :noooo: :noooo: :noooo: ,you are wrong! :hm:
  8. i think it's suitable for it,and i like it
  9. Click here! I hope everyone likes :yeahthat:
  10. i like this concert it's very good , but no video! :shakehead: :shakehead: :shakehead:
  11. will's house is very nice ! good!
  12. where can download it? i haven't it! thanks everybody
  13. Will Smith Live Performances New York 2002 Back in 2002 Will Smith appeared on the today show for their summer concert series. He performed Black Suits Comin, I Cant Stop, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, Miami & Summertime! the Live Performances have video? I have never yet seen
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