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  1. Martin Luther king Jr a n American dream speech
  2. Jjfp code red album never get tired of this!
  3. Any given Sunday soundtrack I always wished will was involved with this project 20 years ago
  4. Tnx is ignorant Will released 3 albums after big Willie style I think he'll be back
  5. Boy z ii men ii album their discography is bulletproof wish Mike was still in the group miss him
  6. The full will/Martin interview with sway is on YouTube now!
  7. This is better than anything in the last decade drop the jjfp album alread y!!!
  8. Heavy d waterbed hev album classic rest in peace hip hop misses you
  9. The game feat 50 cent hate it or love it 50 s only classic song
  10. I'm sharing my favorite collaboration in hip hop history by the late great Craig Mack rip the flavor in your ear remix featuring biggie, puffy, ll , busta, and rampage Craig Mack s first album needs to be mentioned in the same breath as nas illmatic as an all time great
  11. Come on jjfp peeps feedback!!??? Well...my choice today is wide as the sky by gospel singer Isabel Davis gospel music is currently miles ahead of today's hip hop...
  12. In this moment in refusal to judge since we're all himan on r Kelly's birthday I pray that he'll repent of his sins and find peace since his music touched so many in nearly three decades on his birthday today he's on my mind his song the storm is over now helped me in my darkest time so I'm always thankful for that
  13. We're officially a week in the new year where is everyone?? I'm curious to know what you're listening to btw aj posted Marvin Gaye on Facebook so I gotta give love to what's going on which is the greatest song/album ever every world leader should listen it'd like a musical bible
  14. I want to give props to my favorite song from the bad boys soundtrack which is so many ways by Warren g it's strictly brilliant
  15. Well people here get on me for being stuck in the past talking about old school artists then I challenge them this year to come on the board and give props to who they like now I'm down for a debate
  16. Since today is Sunday I'm gonna share some of my favorite upbeat gospel songs of the 2010s I've been growing more spiritually over the last decade so I've been listening more to gospel music the three songs I mention have been staples for me in my walk with God the songs are Kirk Franklin smile Mary Mary walking Donnie mcclurkin victorious and Yolanda adams golden, have a great day jjfp fam...
  17. ...everybody feel free to post favorite songs
  18. Today with all the world's events it's fitting to mention wyclef jeans war no more song from the underappreciated masquerade album which to me was better than the carnival we need trump and call the war hungry leaders to hear this in 2020
  19. Krs one street light vol 1 album he's still the top mc
  20. Since I discovered that mc hammers family affair album leaked on YouTube im giving props to the song on it called big man it's a shame people don't give credit to his storytelling abilities that's why I consider him an all time great no matter who hates on him people write him off for his pop stuff but to me his lesser known stuff is brilliant true hip hop!!!
  21. Mc hammer family affair album after all these years it leaked on YouTube!!
  22. I just wanted to send a quick shoutout to the magnificent jazzy Jeff for staying true to the real hip hop I know Will gets a lot of attention but you are loved too Jeff one love keep dropping the music God bless
  23. Social media seemed to have killed this board which is a shame plus there's no jjfp btw it seems like only when Will does something we post but we need to rally around Jeff too for still staying active in hip hop btw speaking of Tim where are you friend??
  24. The song for today is 'll cool j featuring wyclef Jean me President such a well written song one of lls all time best to me since it's so relevant to life it should be viral on YouTube I wish that the millions of fans that listen to commercial rap would give albums like exit 13 a listen to learn about real hip hop
  25. When Will dropped the freestyle in the studio there should've been a single/album then social media was going crazy then...
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