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  1. Jay z reasonable doubt he was hungry on this album most of his work since then is overrated
  2. Aj posted about posting a song a day on Facebook well I figured to do it here to get us talking about music again we need something to get jjfp to revive hip hop in 2020... Well my appreciation goes out to James Brown let's make Christmas mean something this year and jjfp ain't no place like home I play these so much all year jb loved the holiday so much he went to heaven on Christmas God bless
  3. Praying for love and peace for jjfp and the family
  4. Those songs got some buzz too if he dropped an album with Jeff itd been a hit
  5. It's not a new jjfp album but it's another real hip hop artist so let's support y'all it's called masterpeace and it's an instant classic!!
  6. Where are the jjfp music fans? This board is about dead...
  7. Coming into 2020 soon bad boys comes out in a month come on jjfp give us something....
  8. Wow the 2010s are almost over time goes by fast but I'm always thankful for my jjfp.com fam much love to Tim and the whole crew
  9. Kanye called himself the greatest artist God ever created in Joel osteens church what a fool Joel shouldn't have that trash in his church
  10. It's been 20 years since willennium come on jjfp drop a sequel krs just put an album for God's sake
  11. Btw krs just put out a new album called street light it's the album of the year until fp drops something move over drake real hip hop is back!!
  12. Well this is no surprise 'LL, fp, n krs are my fa vs of all time
  13. My heart is with the old school but I give the new artists a listen I'm not a hater
  14. Well unfortunately most people on the internet these days are ignorant kids that think drake is the goat but will still has millions of more followers than big daddy Kane and krs one combined
  15. Well I wish he'd do more straight hip hop with jazzy Jeff and less of this bucket list crap but obviously millions are still checking for him
  16. ...well I have a feeling that all of this is gonna lead to a 2020 jjfp album his career buzz is the highest since the 1990s you can't say that about even 'LL cool j and you gotta give him credit for staying active with such a proven track record...
  17. ..well I never thought that 'LL cool j and dmx would go to def jam and other classic rappers like slick rick and krs one are still putting out music there's still hope for a jjfp album...
  18. To be fair if Will dropped an album by 2020 it'd be the most successful album by a 1980s hip hop artist that's still active jjfp has stood the test of time
  19. Also light it up and live it up and the cameo with logic most of it streamed to millions the new album would do well if he dropped it
  20. ...I have mixed feelings about this but musically this is his best since his mom was alive but in interviews he still runs his mouth like he's the second coming of Jesus....
  21. Well wills appearance in sequences is his younger self and it has fans reminiscing of the 90s
  22. There should been a comeback jjfp single to compliment the 90s vibe of the movie
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