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  1. :yeahthat: I'm with you on that one...I know 1 thing..If he comes to Belgium or Holland I WILL BE THERE! ← Me To! But i wolud also go to germany if i had to :1-say-yes: ← :metoo: And France to! If they don't come to Holland or Belgium! ← And I hope that it isn't during the exams of december/january :thumbsdown: During the holidays would be great :2thumbs:
  2. Yeah i missed the post too, can some one please upload it again
  3. Please let them come to Belgium, that would be so great :jazzy: Switch is doing great, and the album is okay for now, will be much better when he releases other songs, so COME TO BELGIUM WILL
  4. Definetly Carlton on the song by Tom Jones. :lolsign:
  5. I also hope it gets released quick, I bought it like last week, almost on disk 3. It always makes me laugh lol, the best show ever made. Does anybody know how many seasons there are in fact ? Because I don't have any idea?
  6. Yeah gotta go also with I wish I made that / Swagga. I'm just listening to it right now :) that's song is HOOOOOOTT, but the whole album s'hot.
  7. couldnt agree with you anymore :ditto: :werd: They did a decent job with "Big Willie Style" but once 1999 rolled around, everything looked like "Willenium" was gonna be over the top, and it sold good 2 mill in its first day!! but after that, it all stalled. "Freakin It" was a crapass single to be released. If anything "The Rain" or "So Fresh" would've done a better job with Will's status as a rapper in the game. "Freakin It" was too soft thanks to the Trackmasterz production even tho Will's lyrics were damn good. Columbia then didn't even give "Born to Reign" any room to breathe. How it went gold I have no clue. "How Da Beat Goes" should've been a lead single or at least the 2nd single. That song was the potential hot chart topping single. Followed by "Give Me Tonite" and "Act Like You Know". :urock: yeah I totally agree with you, How da beat goes on was a very good song; should have been released as a single, way better then Freakin it.
  8. Very niceeeee. Let's hope it continues like that :afro:
  9. I'm from Belgium too, and I also have the bonus track
  10. Mines are currently: Ms. Holy Roller, I Wish I Made That, Pump Ya Brakes & Lost and Found
  11. I think it's gone be "I wish I made That" or "Pump Ya Brakes"
  12. Lol, just get over the border to Belgium :) we have it :p and it's worth it :) that is if u don't live too far away from the border
  13. Thnx a lot, the performance was GREAT By the way, if u download target, can I still see it after u have taken it down ? :confused3: :speechless:
  14. And u gonna buy the album or what? :sonny: I alreday got it since this mornin' :kool:
  15. First time I heard Switch, I was in my local games store, and suddenly I heard the song and I said hmmm that's gotta be will, and then I heard is voice. But they don't play it much at the radio here in Belgium, only heard it about 3 - 4 times. But yeah I Wish I Made That is a great song, and it's the truth I think. Respect 2 Ya Will
  16. I just had to hear it, I heard it @ VH1. But now I got the album :) so dont need to download any more
  17. Let us now if he responds lol :) could be quite the discussion :ridepony:
  18. I live in Belgium and went to get my album this mornin, on my cd there is the track coming to the stage on the cd, but i don't have the number: we wont. Is it on the US. Version of the CD ? Maybe they made it different for Europe ... Dno :confused3:
  19. I dont got "we won't" on my cd :confused3: strange But my favourite is, switch, man that beat is hot, or miss holly roller
  20. Bad Boys 2 next line is easy : " Welcome To Earth"
  21. I have it, lol :dancingcool: Went to 4 stores before i found it :s Ah well :) gonna listen to it right now....
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